4 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Disney Food And Wine Festival

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

In my opinion, the Epcot Food and Wine festival are one of the best seasonal activities that come up at Disney. From the entertaining shows to the fantastic food, there is a lot to do at this festival that makes it worth going to.

So why should you go to the Epcot Food and Wine festival?

  • Diverse food

  • Special drinks

  • Special events

  • Limited time merchandise

Epcot's Food and Wine festival have plenty to offer guests, but the real question is what you are looking for. A wide variety of tasty foods from around the world? A unique selection of drinks from far off places? A fun atmosphere that adds extra to your park visit in both entertainment as well as education? I will answer all of these questions in this article to help you know why you should go to Epcot during the international Food and Wine festival.

Diverse Food

Epcot is a park know for how diverse its food options are. You can have food from all over the world prepared by chefs from those places for an authentic experience as you can get without leaving the USA. During the Epcot international Food and Wine festival, the number of foods you can try increases exponentially.

What do I mean by exponentially? Well, there are over ten different world pavilions to try in the world showcase, but at Food and Wine, that number is doubled. They do this by having food carts for each of the pavilions and having carts for countries near those countries.

For example, while there is a UK Pavillon that gets its special food for the festival, there are also carts for Scotland and Ireland. These countries are near the UK in the real world but don't have their park locations.

Some of my favorite foods have been had at the Epcot Food and Wine festival, and there are always a few carts that are worth keeping an eye out for. The other important thing to keep in mind is that there is always a changing element of the festival. Some carts are added while others disappear, and others that stay will sometimes have different menus than they did last year. So these will just be some of my personal favorites from over the years that you should keep an eye out for a while you are there.

The Thai cart is usually located towards the world showcase and has some of the best spicy foods you can get. The beef dish they had last year was spicy in the best way possible, but they had a nice peanut chicken dish if spice wasn't your thing.

I like the food from the Mexico cart as it is pretty diverse, not usually something that you can get in the pavilion's restaurants.

The china cart usually has a great selection, the bao buns are always great no matter which meat they end up using, and the dumplings are delicious.

If you had over to Italy and just stopped before you get there, you will find the Spain cart in Germany. This cart offers a charcuterie cone that makes a great snack on your way around the world, and the seafood salad is great too.

The Japanese pavilion's cart changes every year, but they constantly have sushi, and that sushi is consistently good. They also have a red bean pastry that makes a light dessert for the day.

France has a cart that usually sells some pastry and almost always has beef burgundy. This cart also has escargot if that is your thing.

Lastly, I recommend that you stop off at the Canada cart and get yourself some cheese soup. Trust me. You won't regret picking up this item, whether at the start or the finish of your day.

Special drinks

Next to the food, the best biggest reason you should go to the Epcot Food and Wine festival is the various drinks you can get just like the food that is from all around the world is here. There is a ton of wines, whiskeys, and every other alcohol type you can think of when you go during the festival.

There is a caveat to this, though, and it is the fact that these drinks are sometimes overpriced in small glasses. To help you avoid ruining this problem, I will relate which carts I have always had good luck with. These will be spread out somewhat through world showcase, but they have constantly provided a good place to grab a drink.

The first place to spring to mind when finding a good drink in France. They serve wine, which does come in smaller glasses but isn't too bad for the price. This cart seems to excel in the frozen drink that it has every year, Usually a frozen wine or frozen hard liquor. These drinks are served in a full-size martini glass that is easy to carry around the park.

Next up, we have the Japan pavilion. Here is one of the few places that you can get sake, and it is the first place that I ever tried it. My first ever sake drink was in combination with blue curacao, and long story short, I now come back every year to see what they have on offer. The drinks' size is always really good, and the prices are low for Disney is general but especially for Food and Wine prices.

Italy is the last one that I wanted to talk to you about for carts because it has one of the best drinks at the festival. The limoncello margarita is one of the most outstanding drinks that they've had at the festival in recent years and has been there constantly for the last few. There are also a few wines that you can sample, which are supposed to be good on their own.

That may have been the last of the festival carts, but there is still another way to get specialty drinks for the Food and Wine festival. There are four different Joffrey's carts located in the park, and each of those will have a specialty drink. These drinks will vary a lot depending on the drink base, whether it is a coffee or a slushy, and the alcohol in it. These drinks change between festivals more often than not to so if there is one that you really like, go ahead and try it. There won't is a guarantee that it will be there the next time that you are.

Special events at EPCOT Food And Wine

Several special events take place during the Food and Wine festival that is a bonus to anyone going. A lot of these are separately ticketed events, while others are free to watch. Some of these are lessons in cooking while others are concerts, but we will go over that more in the next section.

The biggest extra that happens when Food and Wine are going on is the Eat To The Beat Concert series. This event was a series of live performance concerts that were performed by famous bands. These bands would play in the American theater over in the America pavilion in the world showcase center. This was a cool event where you could see some big-name performers in the parks and for free to boot. The downside here is that of all of the events for Food and Wine. This is one we probably won't see for a while in the current climate. I'm also fairly sure that it will be very different from what it was before when it makes a comeback.

The other significant event that goes on while Food and Wine are happening is their special cooking classes. These cooking classes are taught by professional chefs who teach you and your party how to make excellent recipes that you can do at home. This is a fun way to learn a little more about how the food at the festival is prepared and a fun way to increase your cooking skills. This is an extra cost, though, so you may want to weigh the pros and cons of this against the price.


There is special merchandise available for the Food and Wine festival that you can't get any other time of the year. These items range from the t-shirts to bumper stickers, and they often feature characters that you don't often find merch for, such as the recent fan favorite orange bird. This merchandise can be found around the park at locations like mouse gear and the merch store for Food and Wine.

I hope that all of these reasons help you realize why Food and Wine are worth your time. If you would like to know more about your theme park trip, go ahead and take a look around the site. We have articles on where the best place to eat in the magic kingdom is and five things you didn't know about Cinderella Castle.

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