5 Things You Didn't Know About The Walt Disney World Castle.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

When it comes to symbols for Walt Disney World, there are a lot to choose from on the whole property. Things like the tower of terror and the spaceship earth sphere are iconic, but there is one above the rest, Cinderella's Castle.

This castle is the iconic symbol of the Disney world, but do you know everything about it?

Do we have five things that you didn't know about Cinderella's castle?

  • Cinderella's Royal Table

  • Cinderella mosaic

  • Re-themed for special events

  • What is it made from

  • Cinderella suite

Cinderella's castle may very well be the most iconic symbol of the park, but there are things even Disney fans don't know. Do you know how many blocks and stones were used in the construction of the Walt Disney World castle? Did you know that you can go to the castle? Did you know you can eat inside the castle with princesses for a truly royal experience in the magic kingdom? There is so much to talk about in the Disney world, but I think that the castle is one thing that everyone should know about before they go, whether it is their first time or their one hundred and first.

A story as old as Disney

When it came to picking a symbol for Disneyland, Walt Disney and his Imagineers picked out a sleeping beauties castle. When it came Time for Disney world, they knew they would have to pick a different one. That is when Cinderella's castle was chosen as the symbol of Walt Disney World. In construction, the Walt Elias Disney engineering company or WED took great pains in both the castle's planning, even goings far as to lay out a giant x of where the castle would be for reference. It only seems fitting then that they would include a lot of details to the inside of the castle, including the story of Cinderella.

Inside the main passage of Cinderella's castle, you can find a collection of mosaics that tell Cinderella's story. These tell of her Time as a servant in her own house at the beginning of the story to here happily ever after at the end with prince charming. It is quite impressive to see and is only made more so by the detail paid in its creation, right down to having extra vibrant tiles for the eyes of the characters in the story.

You can see this fantastic piece of art at almost any Time now because Disney has been leaving the gate for Cinderella's castle open for the last few months, and that doesn't appear to be changing any time soon. So whether you are going to see a great recreation of an original Disney story or you are just passing through on your way to fantasy land, go ahead and take a moment to admire the fantastic art on the inside of this magnificent castle in the magic kingdom.

Re-themed for special events In Disney

While Disney world does not usually take the Time to go out and re-theme its rides and other attraction for holidays and special events, there have been a few times that this has happened to Cinderella's castle. This usually happens for either an anniversary for the park or a special ride opening. The response to these re-themes is just as varied and sporadic as the re-theming themselves, with some people loving them and others outright despising them.

The three major re-themes that come to mind are the theming for the twenty-fifth and fiftieth anniversaries and the opening of stitches. The twenty-fifth anniversary was a truly unique re-theme as Cinderella's castle was remade into a giant birthday cake, pink frosting, and all. This was not the worst makeover in my opinion because, in photos, it looks cool and vibrant. The unfortunate part was that it stayed up for a year. This design is up for a year meant that many first-time park goers did not get the regular Cinderella's castle and instead got a castle that looked more suited to candy land than Disney world.

The second design was a remarkable decision in just how much the heads of Walt Disney World had not learned from the twenty-fifth anniversary. They covered the castle in toilet paper. The idea behind this was that stitch had pranked the castle to open the stitch's great escape. I don't have to explain why the guest was not impressed with having to take their once in a lifetime trip photos in front of a house after Halloween night. This design stayed for somewhere around a month as well, I believe, so it wasn't just one group of guests that were affected.

The last re-theme is the current one for the fiftieth anniversary, which has seen the castle painted over in a rose gold theme. This theming has caused many conversations in the Disney community as some fans love it, and some don't care for it. I think that it is a pretty addition to the castle, though someone did point out to me that it makes Cinderellas castle look more like a sleeping beauties castle. This particular overlay won't be removed until the end of the fiftieth anniversary, which is at least a year away from the Time of writing this article. However, I am okay with that as the castle still looks as elegant as it should.

No stone unturned, the construction of Cinderella's Castle

So let me ask you this, how many bricks do you think were used in the construction of the castle at Walt Disney World? The answer is not what you think it would be. It is none. There is no single brick used in Cinderella's castle as the entire thing is built from steel and fiberglass for modern building standards.

Also, in compliance with modern building standards, the castle is just under two-hundred feet. This is because in Florida, a structure of two-hundred feet out higher is required to have lights attached for aircraft to be able to see the building, and Disney thought that this would ruin the effect. They, of course, were right, and the castle was built just under two hundred feet.

Another interesting fact is that the castle has a spire on top that serves a dual purpose. The first is the spires that you can see are the golden kind that serves as decorations. The second is much harder to see lightning rods that keep the lighting from damaging the castle or the surrounding park.

A royal table inside Cinderella's Castle

Inside the magic kingdom's castle lies a restaurant where you can dine with princesses, Cinderella's Royal Table. Royal Table is a signature dining option in the magic kingdom park that is also a character dining experience where you can see Disney princesses. The entire restaurant is located inside of Cinderella's castle and, as such, is incredibly themed for a fun experience.

Cinderella's Royal Table is a signature dining location, and that means that it serves high-end food for high-end prices, and the meals are served course style. This means that you will pay sixty-two dollars and choose your appetizer, entrée, and dessert. It works the same way if you have a kid, except the price is thirty-seven instead of sixty-two dollars. Non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price, but beer and wine will cost extra.

There is usually a rotation of princesses that you can find at Cinderella's Royal Table that you would otherwise have a hard time finding in the parks. These can be princesses like aurora and snow-white, and you will get to see Cinderella in her castle. Right now, the format has been changed as the princesses no longer go to your Table. Instead, they come from another room, stand away from the guests, and then go back.

While it is an expensive restaurant and one that has been fundamentally changed for the time being, if there is a princess lover in your family, then this is the Magic Kingdom restaurant for them.

If you would like to see the menu for yourself click here.

A room fit for a queen inside Cinderella's Castle

How many people knew that there is a hotel roomie Cinderella's castle. It is a suite with everything you could need in it, from a luxurious master bedroom to a well-equipped bathroom. Everything in these suites is themed to the castle, of course, so all you will experience is the feeling of being royalty.

The suite itself was originally supposed to be Walt Disney's apartment that he and his family lived in when in Florida. After his passing, this idea was abandoned, and instead, it was turned into a telephone center. Sometime after that, it was abandoned and turned into storage. Then in the two thousand, it was decided that it was a waste to use such a great spot as storage, and they turned it into the suite that is there now.

If you're interested in this room, you are probably wondering how you can get it and how much it costs. In the case of the cinderella suite, these two are more intertwined than you would think. You can't book the suite like a hotel room. Instead, you either need to be famous or have to be rich because the cinderella suite is only available to very special people the Walt Disney company wants to impress.

I hope that this article had new things that you didn't know about Cinderella's castle. If you want more tips, tricks, and trivia about the Walt Disney World resort, why don't you have a look around the site? We have articles on everything from restaurant reviews to park planning.

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