Updated: Dec 8, 2020

This location is an AMERICAN Dessert Disney Springs restaurant cart located on the BOARDWALK in DISNEY SPRINGS MARKETPLACE. ARISTOCREPES Disney Springs is famous for its sweet & savory crepes menu and tasty drinks, with and without alcohol. I must say that even though this is not a Disney Springs Bars location, the drinks strong and flavorful. Can in mind that this cart can answer the questions of "where to eat at Springs?" by also offering dinner quality crepes as a Best Disney Springs Restaurant.

The Disney Springs Ice Cream Crepe stand, known as the location of the ARISTOCREPES, is located near the open concept bridge between the Boat House and Disney's Days of Christmas. The booth is located on this beautiful bridge. When we choose ARISTOCREPES for our treat on our recent visit, we were looking for a different take on Disney Springs Ice Cream. We noticed several Disney Spring Ice Cream options as well as dinner crepes filled with various items. Initially, we believed AristCrepes Disney Springs to be a location to get amazing dessert Disney Springs options.

We placed our order and picked one of the tables with an umbrella on the water. This seating helps to get you a break from the Florida sun. Outside seating is ample across from the WORLD OF DISNEY store and all along the water's edge. It's a very relaxing place to sit and enjoy your fantastic dessert Disney Springs treat.

It takes more than one person to eat these crepes that are stuffed with different types of goodies.

These crepes are a wonderful treat. It will take more than one person to eat one of these massive crepes packed with all sorts of goodies that you choose. These crepes are considered a Disney Springs Restaurant Quick Serve Location as these are quick bites, but don't be fooled. They are very filling. Not to mention that you can wash this amazing crepe down with an actual Disney Springs Bars themed drink.

If you only believed that there is one way to enjoy these delicious tasty crepes, you would be misinformed. Get ready for this! These Disney Springs Ice Cream Crepes have two categories of the different type's crepes.

The first style offered at Aristocrepes Disney Springs is called the traditional type of crepe. This crepe is a thinner form of a pancake. The crepe is larger than a pancake because the form is stretched out so you can add fillings. The crepe is rolled up with the filling inside and spilling out of the top. I have seen these made with fruit inside and top of with a light and fluffy whipping cream.

The other form I have seen this be used is placing scrambled eggs with chopped up breakfast meats and or onions and peppers for flavor or color. These crepes are also excellent and are a solid answer to Where to eat at Disney Springs. These filled crepes certainly qualify as a meal and will fill you up with unique flavors. These breakfast crepes options certainly make Aristcrepes Disney Springs one of the best Disney Springs Restaurants for fill you will get fantastic food at an affordable price.

Now, in addition to breakfast style crepes, ARISTOCREPES Disney Springs goes above and beyond! The first crepe they have listed as TURKEY; With crepe allows you to taste Thanksgiving in a Crepe. It is filled with the following.

  • · TURKEY

  • · BREI.


  • · TURKEY.


These items are applied to the crepe, and it folded up and served hot.

The smoked Salomon is the next crepe on the menu at Aristcrepes Disney Springs. Along with the turkey crepe, this dinner crepe makes this location a Best Place to Eat at Disney Springs.


  • · CAPERS.

  • · ONIONS.



The ARISTOCREPES-BEEF Crepe is yet another fantastic and filling option for lunch at a best place to eat at Disney Springs. Not only is this crepe filled with tender, flavorful beef, but the following is included.


  • · RED ONION.



  • · BEEF.

This crepe is then folded up and served hot—no regrets with this choice for a late lunch.

Now we're moving onto the dessert Disney Springs options. These beautiful treats can be found at ARISTOCREPES Disney Springs and are called the Bubble Waffles.

BUBBLE WAFFLES WHAT'S THAT! Instead of a smoother pattern that would get with your griddle maker, you would use the machine that gives you a bubble design with lots of bubbles. Then they get crazy and put ice cream and other goodies and top it off with whipped cream.

THE BUBBLE WAFFLE is the solution to where to eat at Disney Springs Dessert. You have a couple of excellent choices of types and toppings. Let us take a closer look.

The Aristocrepes Disney Springs SALTED CARAMEL BUBBLE WAFFLE:


  • · TOPPED WITH CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM. You can substitute Vanilla if you Please!




The Aristcrepes Disney Springs STRAWBERRY BUBBLE WAFFLE:





They also sell wine and beer, soda, and bottled water. On special occasions, they will have specialty cocktails. These specialty cocktails are specific to Aristocrepes and will not be sold at other Disney Springs Bars.

We recently were looking for Disney Springs Ice Cream, and while we were there, we stumbled onto the pleasure of eating at the ARISTOCREPES. WE purchased the STRAWBERRY BUBBLE WAFFLE, which as listed above, consists of a layer of the BUBBLE WAFFLE, vanilla ice cream is layered on top, then the fresh strawberries layered on top of the ice cream. This crepe is all topped off with a good amount of whipped cream to complete this masterpiece. This treat is a reminder of strawberry shortcake on a hot summer day with the vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries with the whipped cream. This crepe is enormous and will feed more than one person. WE RECOMMEND THIS CREPE AS IT'S SO WORTH THE MONEY. The price is under $10.00, what a steal.

We also purchased the SALTED CARMEL BUBBLE WAFFLE. Why because it looked so good and it was worth it. This crepe starts with a layer of the BUBBLE WAFFLE. Then it is layered with chocolate ice cream, then chocolate pretzels, and topped off with whipped cream. If you are the type that allows your self a cheat day, this is the choice you want to make, and it is so worth it. As with the Strawberry Crepe, It feeds more than one person. WE RECOMMEND THIS ONE. It is SO WORTH THE MONEY. The price is under $10.00.

On this occasion, we choose one extra treat, and this was their specialty cocktail for HALLOWEEN. While Aristocrepes is not a Disney Springs Bar, they offer specialty cocktails throughout different times of the year. This particular cocktail consisted of vodka, Chambord, MIDORI, CRANBERRY JUICE, and GUMMY WORMS TO FLOAT AROUND YOUR HALLOWEEN COCKTAIL. This cocktail tasted fantastic and was very festive for the HALLOWEEN SEASON. Strong and smooth, it was a perfect choice for a hot summer day.

They also had TWO HALLOWEEN BUBBLE SUNDAYS. The first is the OOGIE BOOGIE WORMS AND DIRT SUNDAY. You have the choice of ice cream, then cookie dust and gummy worms are placed on top. Whipped cream is placed on the very top. OOGIE BOOGIE spends his time watching your ice cream Sunday for you and while you devour it.

The other specialty Sunday is the MICKY MOUSE CLUB BUBBLE WAFFLE BOWL.

The waffle bubble is placed first in the bowl, then vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries on the ice cream with the topping of fresh whipped cream flowing out of the MICKY MOUSE BOWL.

Typically, they are open daily from 4 pm to 10 pm. However, you should consult their hours of operation to be certain, as we know their hours change from time to time.

We also know their menu options change based on the seasons. You will want to go to my Disney Experience to see what excellent offerings are available during your trip to Walt Disney World. You can then be assured of getting the Disney Springs Dessert that you have your heart set on.

We found our way to Aristocrepes as a best place to eat at Disney Springs dessert options. We found this venue to be priced reasonably, clean, and quick. It offered us a fantastic dessert for our day at Disney Springs. It provided us with unique flavors and lots of quantity for your money. This location is a must-visit in our eyes, and since finding Aristocrepes, we have been back several times to enjoy the flavors and the views. It would help if you did the same.

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