Disney Springs Reopens

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Welcome Back Fans. Finally, After over two months of closure, Disney Springs has taken the first steps to reopen Disney World.

While all of the parks, water parks and resorts still remain closed, Disney Springs is finally giving us some hope.

We were there on the first day to check it out. We are Themeparkfantasy and we're here to give you the information and reviews to help make the best use of your time and money while at the Parks. So, lets get to it.

We were there on the first day to check out the crowds and to see what and how the opening came together. The first step of our journey started with parking. Only the Orange Garage was open, even so, there was ample parking. As we moved to the bridge walkway to Springs, the temperature check tent was there. Staffed by Advent Health, they took all temps and moved us to the next leg of our journey. So off to Disney Springs we go.

Now, I do have to say that we missed Disney Springs over the last couple of months. It is always a place for us to go and wind down, grad a meal, or have a drink. Being back was wondrous. The walk over to our first stop, The Boathouse, was calm yet entertaining. The vast majority of people were adhering to the new mask protocol. Only about 10% ignored this safety precaution.

Most of the third party shops were open. Only the Disney own stores and shops were closed. Shops like Trend D, Once Upon A Toy, The Disney Store and a few others. The crowds were relatively light so the walk around the property was enjoyable. Once we made it to The Market Place, there was another entry and temperature checkpoint.

We have to admit that we were concerned what the hot daytime temperature and sun would do to our own body temps. Go to know that the weather didn't really have too much of an affect as all of our temps were under 99. Now, if you did test over the 100.4 limit, Disney has provided cooling temps to try to help you get your body temperature down. Nice thought.

Strolling around, we chose to do our video of dusk Disney Springs so you would all have a slightly different view as there were many bloggers roaming the property. Hopefully our video listed above will give you a unique view of Springs. We got some nice views of Paddle Fish, Sunset at the Boat House, Beautiful lake views and lots of street shots showing various locations and the crowds.

FPropertiWe, Starbucks, STK Steakhouse and even Frontera Concina were all open for business. Please note that they were all only allowing only 25% in their dinning rooms, but patio seating was wide open. We strongly advise making a reservation. We made our reservation at the Boathouse direct as the Disney Site was not operational.

We did miss locations like The Edison, Pizza Ponte, Enzo's Hide Away, Morimoto's and Raglan Road. Out of all of these, they are all expected to be open by May 27 at the latest, with the exception of Raglan Road. I believe they are shooting for a June 1st date, but lets hope they open sooner.

Now as for the waterfront, It was especially calm. The was no transportation operating on the lake. In addition, The BoatHouse had made the choice to postpone the opening of the amphicars until a later date. We'll see what happens with them. We've heard reduced prices due to the reduced number of people they can safely take in each car.

To sum up, It was a great day at Disney Springs. The new norm of masks and social distancing seemed to work quite well with the vast majority of people following these new precautions. Crowds were upbeat and happy to be back out in the world. It was especially nice to have a dinner out and to be able to enjoy the scenery. Menu's at the majority of establishments remained mostly unchanged. There were certain items missing from some menus, but you still had plenty to choose from.

We hope you take some good information away from this Blog and video. We try hard to make it easier for you take make an educated choice while in Walt Disney World. So, if you have something you would like us to review, please reach out to us on Youtube or Instagram.

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