EPCOT Forever Fireworks Extravaganza

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

EPCOT Forever Fireworks Extravaganza

Howdy folks, today we will be discussing the latest in a series of scheduled improvements and renovations over at EPCOT. I mean of course EPCOT Forever, the replacement to the all famous Illuminations, Reflection of Earth. This new show started on October 1, 2019. We were actually there the opening week and the above video was shot from the Rose and Crown Dinner Party that is held on their patio.

Celebrating over 37 years of shows, music and entertainment, this Disney original is a dramatic change from its predecessor Illuminations. This new show uses technology and items that we have not yet seen in a Disney Fireworks presentation. Missing is the amazing, massive ball in the middle of the lagoon. We still need to get used to that.

It uses music, fireworks, lit kites and electric jet skis. All set to music with a common theme. All put together it is quite an amazing display of fireworks all set in the lagoon in the middle of World Showcase.

Now there are obviously many different locations to view this amazing show. I would start by either area near where the boats dock. Good viewing here. Good Visibility. Another location would be over in the Tokyo Pavilion. Here, by Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dinning you have and amazing view across the lagoon.

However, for our money, we chose the fireworks dinner show over at the Rose and Crown Pub. Here you can get an amazing prefect dinner here with the best seats in the house. You dine on their patio right in front of the main part of the EPCOT Forever show. You couldn’t find a better seat. We know, we’ve tried.

Even the dinner or desert shows at the end of the World Showcase over by the Paris Pavilion can’t offer you the amazing views. While these seats are secluded and set aside especially for the show, they don’t possess a line of direct sight. While that are great, they are not the best.

Now, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other great viewing spots, but they due tend to fill up rather quickly. Basically, you need to be over at the lagoon 30 to 45 minutes prior to the showing. Some of these locations would include the Mexican Pavilion, the Chinese Pavilion and the German Pavilion. All offer good views with ample room to stand for the viewing. You just need to get there in time.

So, now we have our location, and maybe even our meal. Now the show. EPCOT Forever starts and the orchestration is amazing and it does take you down memory lane. However the closing number is from the new Aladdin film, “It’s a whole new world”. While all of the other arrangements had and anchor point to Disney history, this number is from the latest version of Aladdin, drawing absolutely no nostalgia.

So as the fireworks end, keep in mind that the physical fireworks didn’t disappoint, the show kind of left us wondering. While paying homage to a generation of Disney favorites and childhood classics, its finale left you wondering what was coming next.

Obviously, with all of the changes coming to EPCOT in the next couple of years, this is only a temporary show. I don’t feel that it will solidify its place in history as any Disney attraction should. It actually made me feel that it was temporary. It also did nothing to attach itself to EPCOT in general. For this reason alone, it has left true EPCOT fans out in the cold, wondering what the future will hold.

So, to sum it up. If you are new to the EPCOT scene, then you will love this show. It is innovative and creative. It uses new elements such as the lit kites and jet skis that I haven’t seen before. The music does stir feelings, however my only wish was that it was played louder to resonate through the park. The fireworks display was good, if not great. The use of the colors and types of shells show was great. If you are a true EPCOT fan from the beginning you will be left wanting. I mean wanting in how it ties to today and the future of EPCOT. Our only hope is that will all of the changes, Disney won’t forget what drew people and families to EPCOT. Yes, the food. But in addition to that in was about the science, intrigue and hope for the future.

So that’s our take on the new show, EPCOT Forever. If you have different views, we would love to hear them. Whether you are a Disney diehard, or a newbie to the Disney fold. Your impressions are very important. Its always great to hear the views of other fellow fans. While we may not all agree all of the time, we do have Disney in common. In addition, your input will help us improve our skills when it comes to review the attractions and dining in Disney. So feel free to hit us up on Instagram or you can go to our YouTube channel and post a comment.

Also, if you have something that you would like us to review, you can drop us a line. Changes are that we have been, but we can do a review based on your recommendations.

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