Flame Tree BBQ Dining Review, Animal Kingdom Park

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Flame Tree BBQ located at Animal Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World

During this dining review, we head on over to Flame Tree BBQ to try out the offerings. This quick service option has such offerings as BBQ Ribs, Chicken and Brisket.

On our recent visit over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, we decided to stop in and view the new and improved version of The Flame Tree BBQ. This quick service location is located in Discovery Island. Just walk to the Tree of Life and take a right. You can’t miss it.

We are Themeparkfantasy, we move throughout the parks and resorts so that we can get you the information that you need to navigate the ever changing world we know as Walt Disney World. We try to provide you with unbiased restaurant reviews and give you ideas how to best spend you hard earned money in Disney World. With all of the options you need someone to help you navigate. So with that in mind, down to it.

So, over at The Flame Tree BBQ, we wanted to see, taste and experience all the changes over the last couple of years. Once it was just a small couple of windows, offering basically the same style food. We had the opportunity to experience it then and the quality was amazing. The ribs were tasty and moist. The chicken had an amazing smoking flavor.

Even though the window was small the value was big. A superior value. So now lets take a look to see if the upgrades have made this a better value or if value has been compromised.

First, lets look at seating. In the original, seating was very limited. Now it is sprawling. With several covered eating areas, each providing several large table, you can stay out of the weather and sun while you enjoy your meal. In addition, each of the outdoor gazebos has their own condiment stations so no matter where you are, you have access everything you need. In addition to these gazebos, there are a good number of tables out in the open, along the paths and along the riverside. So you have the choice to sit where best suits you, along the river or undercover.

Now, lets hit up on the food. Years ago, this was the only factor that mattered as seating was not a consideration. Now, with the menu basically the same, lets take a look.

We ordered several of the plates. We ordered 2 of the combo plates and the Macaroni and Cheese and pulled Pork. The first plate was the Chicken, Rib and Brisket plate. Served with coleslaw and baked beans. First, the chicken was good, not out of this world. I felt it was a little on the dry side, but not too bad. The ribs were good as they use their own rub and smoke them. Finally, the brisket was also good. The baked beans had great flavor and the coleslaw was very tasty.

However, I was not overly impressed with the quantity of the sides. One tiny cup of baked beans, maybe 4 oz, and less coleslaw. Come on guys, these side cost you and Disney absolutely nothing to produce. As for the chicken, ribs and brisket, quantity was ok but the plate cost $19 before tax. Sufficient but not a great value.

Next, the Chicken and Rib plate. Same chicken and ribs as above. So again, good, but not great especially for almost $16. Similar size beans and coleslaw so you already know my feeling there. All in all, not bad.

Finally, the Mac and Cheese with pulled pork. This prices out around $12 and the portion was average. Thinking about other Disney Quick Serves, the size was comparable, but the price was higher. Obviously you’re in the Park so value is always a little more compromised.

As for flavor, it was not really fresh. As it was a baked mac and cheese, it does tend to be drier. This had obviously sat under the heat light for a little to long. The pulled pork however was very good. This was the highlight of the entire meal. We should have gotten pulled pork all around.

Other items that are on the menu that we didn’t try was the St Louis Ribs, half chicken, a pulled pork sandwich, and of course the hot link smokehouse sandwich which is the Plant Based Option. As you know, most Disney Locations now offer a Plant Based Option.

They also offered a selection of sides such as French fries with cheese and pulled pork, onion rings, and corn bread.

For deserts, they offered one option, the salted caramel apple crisp cupcake.

Finally, if traveling with little ones, they do have a good children’s menu. They offered such items as a hot dog, turkey sandwich, and a baked chicken drumstick. Not bad for a quick serve location in Animal Kingdom Park. All these items ranged from $7 to $8. A good choice for a quick light meal.

As for drinks, they do have several specialty drinks. Some are non-alcoholic and some with alcohol. Some of the options were mandarin orange vodka lemonade, beer and wine. In addition, they offer coffee, tea, iced tea, water and juices. We chose to stick with Coke products, which fit the bill nicely.

So to sum up, While the food hasn’t really changed over the years, the location has. The food is still of good quality. I will let it go that ours was slightly dry, but it was very flavorful. The quantity was average for park food and the price was average. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap to eat in the parks. The good news is that the Flame Tree BBQ qualifies as a quick serve on the Disney Dinning Plan. As noted above, you do have options for your main meal and desert.

As for the location, this is where the change has occurred. With the addition of all of the seating, whether it be under the massive gazebos or down next to the river, you have a wide choice of settings. All of the plants and greenery help add to the ambiance. This gets a huge thumbs up. Now you can sit with your family and enjoy your BBQ in Walt Disney Word. This was money well spent. A family can now sit comfortably.

So, Go try it for yourself. This is a good option for you and your family while visiting Animal Kingdom Park.

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