SOARIN', EPCOT Land Pavilion

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Welcome viewers. Today we'll be flying around the world. SOARIN, Located in the Land Pavilion in EPCOT is an awe inspiring hang-gliding journey that will take us to the wonders of the World.

In this journey we will visit The Great Wall Of China, Taj Mahal, the Egyptian Pyramids, Sydney Australia's harbor, The Matterhorn and many other jaw dropping locations, all as you glide through the air.

This hang-gliding ride immerses you with site, sound and location as you are hoisted into the middle of an Omniview Screen to view this IMAX HD movie. In addition to the sites, you are overwhelmed with smells that put you into the picture.

The ride vehicles dangle your feet high above the ground giving you further confirmation that you are flying high above these amazing sights.

So, take to time while in EPCOT to walk over to the Land Pavilion and enjoy this inventing and immersive Disney ride.

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