The Boathouse, Disney Springs Dinning at its Best

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Today's review is at The Boathouse located in Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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The Boathouse is one of our favorite venues in Disney Springs if not the entire Walt Disney World Resort. First of all, the food is amazing and fresh. Second is the atmosphere. Simple, clean and inviting, not to mention they are on the waterfront at Disney Springs. Finally, the service is amazing.

So lets start with the food. The Boathouse offers a large selection of seafood and steaks. They offer the freshest seafood in Disney Springs and this stocks their oyster bar with the freshest delights. The seafood ranges from oysters, shrimp, salmon, fried fish and even lobster. Many of these items can come fried in baskets with fries, while others like the salmon comes broiled or baked. You can even have lobster boiled New England style for in their amazing andouille mac and cheese with lobster.

In addition to the seafood, The Boathouse has their own beef supplier in Chicago. This means their steaks are second to none. Not cheap, but worth the extra money for quality beef. In addition to that, the burgers are to die for. The Gibson Burger, which is their original flagship burger, is juicy and huge. One of the best I've had in my life. Always a favorite.

Then they have a selection of sandwiches from chicken to one the best turkey clubs. This club is so large, we always get two meals out of it. With fries and pickles, this is always one of our choices when eating here at The Boathouse.

Now, the bar, which is located on the water is a complete bar offering beer, wine and spirits. They have a list of specialty cocktails that is to die for. Drinks are strong and good sized. Just what you need to relax and sit back.

Next, the atmosphere is simple yet inviting. Light and clean colors make all the difference. In addition, they have an amazing bar and outside seating that goes out into the water. Usually you can find a seat out there to relax and take in the day. The other benefit is that you can order the full menu out there. To top the location, the service is top notch. Servers are friendly and knowledgeable and this makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Now, the location is another item to mention. The are on the water in the center of Disney Springs. From here you can see the balloon rides, watch the water cars and the ferry boats travel around the lake. The amazing location also plays into the atmosphere so it all works hand in hand.

The Boathouse should definitely be on your list of restaurants to try while in Walt Disney World. The menu here is large and encompassing. It covers all the needs of your party from fish lovers to beef eaters. Its also perfect if you're just looking for that quick light bite. In addition they have a great child's menu, so all of your party will be happy and full by the time they leave. So, Take the time to stop into The Boathouse.

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