The Edison Restaurant, Disney Springs - Review

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The Eddison Restaurant is a best place to eat at Disney Springs. This venue is a themed restaurant with lots of flare by transporting you back to the days of prohibition. You can spot the Edison Restaurant tower from almost anywhere when you enter Disney Springs. The building is designed in an industrial look with lots of brick and steel.

When you walk through the doors, you are transported back in time. A massive steel working clock from floor to ceiling greets you at the entry door. The hostesses are dressed in roaring 20s flapper dresses along with the dress code. The bartenders and waitstaff are also in 20s costumes along with the severs in their costumes. The floor plan is two floors with seating and bars on each level. During your visit to the Edison Restaurant, you will also notice projections of black and white movie clips on the walls. The decor is a subtle steam-punk design illustrating lots of copper, black iron, and wood in the building’s design concept.

The dining and bar seating is composed of deep rich dark leather coaches and high back chairs. There is a combination of high-top tables with high back chairs or low chairs with low tables for your comfort during your visit. The floors are industrial finished wood. The location has a total of three bars, all offering you drinks from the days of prohibition. Yes, these are also considered full bars so you can get any drink that you desire. Finally, there is also outside seating on the waterside on the patio.

The Edison Restaurant cocktails are unique for the Disney Springs area. These cocktails are fun and designed and themed to match the overall décor of the restaurant. Additionally, the food tastes fantastic, and the portion sizes are ample. For this reason, we consider the Edison Restaurant a best place to eat at Disney Springs. On the evening that we returned was the reopening of the restaurant post-COVID 19. Before the COVID 19 outbreak, the location provided in-house entertainment and fabulous nighttime shows that included burl Burlesque dancing. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see this as it has been postponed for the time being. However, it’s on the bucket list when they bring it back. As a concession, they are still offering live entertainment. We were privilege to have a live saxophone player that evening who was terrific—what a great surprise.

We started with cocktails:


Casa Noble TEQUILA, Grate fruit juice, Lime Juice, Simple syrup, and club soda.

Berry Smash;

Bushmills Black Blush Whiskey, Cinnamon Cordial, Honey, Lemon juice, Blackberries, Raspberries.

Strawberry Fields Forever:

Hanger one Vodka, ST-Germaine liquor, honey, lime juice, Strawberry, Mint, Lemonade.

These were all fantastic cocktails, both in looks and strength. Additionally, the prices are reasonable, and the sizes were average.

Next up are the items from the Edison Menu. While the Edison Menu was reduced for this visit due to the COVID outbreak and limited reopening, it still offered many flavorful options that make this a best place to eat in Disney Springs.


THE GOOEY Grilled CHEESE is made with FONTINA, MUENSTER, GRUYERE, AND ALPHINE SWISS cheese melted together perfectly on a BUTTERED SOURDOUGH bread. The sandwich is huge, basically two sandwiches in one. I couldn’t even eat half of the sandwich. The blended cheese is hot and melts in your mouth. You will want to share this option with the table as the huge size of the grilled cheese is perfect for dipping around the entire table.

The ORGANIC TOMATO SOUP is the second part of this dinner option.

The ORGANIC TOMATO soup is a naturally pureed Tomatoes’. The soup is fantastic and is very flavorful and hot. This combination of the ORGANIC TOMATO SOUP AND GOOEY GRILLED CHEESE is not one you don’t want to miss. We would defiantly choose this again and again. This item is a mainstay to the Edison Menu.

Next up, we had The ANCHOR STEAMED BEER-battered Fish & Chips:

This fabulous platter is a BATTERED COD FILLET, with House-made Fries and Tartar Sauce.

As stated, this is a traditional fish and chips. However, it was one of the better fish and chips options that we have had in all of Disney World. The COD is divided into large white flaky fillets in a great light as air beer battered coating. This dish came out piping hot. The flavor was top-notch, and the batter was crisp and crunchy. The only drawback is that once cold. This fried dish is not a dish to take home. It will not reheat. The final topping of the plate is the HOUSE MADE FRENCH FRIES. A great choice on the Edison Menu. We would go with this one again.

Our final choice for the night was the famous EDISON BURGER:

This burger is comprised of their Signature Beef Blend of Sirloin, Short Rib, and Brisket topped with White Cheddar, Crispy Onions, Smoked Bacon, with House-made pickles, lettuce, tomato, Special Sauces, and Hand-Cut fries. The Eddison burger is enormous; you can’t fit it in your mouth. The flavor was a smokey flavor with the fantastic cheddar cheese. This burger is well decked out, and it was very juicy. The cooking preference on the Eddison burger was medium-well, and the kitchen didn’t let us down. Cooked perfectly, this was a fantastic burger with fantastic flavor. My personal view is that the Gibson Burger only rivals it at the Boat House. Either way, this was an excellent choice. It was very filling, and I couldn’t manage to eat only about half. This burger did travel, and we took the remainder home for that late-night snack.

To Summarize, we have an excellent evening at The Edison. We enjoyed drinks that were well crafted and priced at the average alcohol drink level within Disney. While the Edison Menu was reduced to a few options, these options were excellent in quality and taste. The food portions were above average as we couldn’t finish any of our dinner choices. The décor is well planned out and is strongly influenced by the Steam-Punk movement. The atmosphere is warm, dark, and cool. The addition of the on-stage, live entertainment helped to push this venue to the top.

We have eaten at similar quality restaurants when it comes solely to the food. However, if you consider portion size, price, taste, quality, atmosphere, and location, the Edison is at the top of our list of venues to frequent. For this reason, this is a best place to eat at Disney Springs. This location will keep you coming back, especially when the nightly entertainment finally gets back into their routine.

-DB 'Clothesline Candied Bacon'-

-Maple, Black Pepper,- Fruit Mostarda, Sweet and Spicy Pickle $18.00-

-Guacamole and Tortilla Chips-

-California Avocados, Fresh Lime, House-made Tortilla Chips $18.00-


-Hand-cut Idaho Russet Burbank Potatoes, -Edison Special Sauce, Bacon, Grated Parmesan Cheese-, Chopped Green Onion $16.00-

-Fried Calamari-

-Crisp Rings served with Hot Peppers, -Marinara Arrabiatta, Sriracha Aïoli $19.00-



-Romaine Lettuce, shaved Parmesan, -Brioche Croutons, classic Ceasar Dressing $15.00-

-Chop Salad-

-Napa Cabbage, Greens, Grilled Chicken, Apple, -Jicama, Pineapple, Red Pepper, Carrot, Spicy Cashews -and White Balsamic dressing $16.00-

-Enhance Your Salad-

-Add Chicken (7) or Shrimp* (9)-

Patented Specialties

-Queen Cut Prime Rib*-

-Boneless 14-oz, Au Jus, Horseradish Cream Sauce, -Popover. Served with choice of baked potatoes,- mashed potatoes or fries- $42.00

-Organic Tomato Soup and Gooey Grilled Cheese-

-Fontina, Muenster, Gruyère, and -Alpine Swiss on Buttered Sourdough $22.00-

-Barolo Short Rib-

-Barolo Red Wine Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Glazed Rainbow Carrots- $38.00-

-Grilled Salmon*-

-Atlantic Salmon, Roasted Corn Succotash and Basilbutter - $31.00-

-Anchor Steam Beer-battered Fish & Chips-

-Battered Cod Fillet, House-made Fries, Tartar Sauce- $27.00-


-The Edison-

-Signature Beef Blend of Sirloin, Short Rib,- and Brisket topped with White Cheddar, -Crispy Onions, -Smoked Bacon, House-made Pickles, -Lettuce, Tomato, Special Sauce,- and Hand-cut Fries $25.00-


-The world's first Plant-based Burger -that looks, cooks, and satisfies like Beef- $25.00-

-Patented Partners-

-L. Burbank Hand-cut Fries-Spicy Ketchup $11.00-

-Creamy Dreamy Mash Mashed Potato, Butter- $10.00-

-Vegetable of the Day-Seasonal Selection- $11.00-


-Triple Chocolate Voltage Cake-

-Chocolate Hazelnut cream, Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry- $13.00-

-Lollipop Tree-

-Cheescake Pops, Bubblegum Whipped Cream- $20.00

-Spumoni Bomba-

-Strawberry, Pistachio, Chocolate Gelato coated with- Chocolate and Raspberry Sauce Whipped Cream-


-Kids' Starters (choice of one)-

-Market Salad-

-Tomato and Apple-

-Fresh Fruit-

-Seasonal Selection-

-Kids' menu items for -children ages 9 and younger.-

-Look for the Disney Check icon on -printed menus to find -options that meet Disney's nutrition guidelines.-

-Kid's Main Course (choice of one-)-

-Burger or Cheeseburger- $15.00-

-Chicken Tenders $15.00-

-Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese $15.00-

-Kids' Sweets (choice of one)-


-Chocolate Chip Cookie-

-Kid's Beverage (choice of one)-

-Kids' Beverages-

-Choice of Milk, Chocolate Milk, -Apple Juice, or Fruit Punch-

Edison Mocktails

-Apple Propellant-

-Apple Cider, Honey, Lemon Juice, Ginger Ale $8.00-


-Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Mint, Soda Water $8.00-

-Smoke & Mirrors

-Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Orgeat $8.00-

-Edison Signature Cocktails-

-Manhattan West-

-Knob Creek Rye Edison Signature Barrel, -St. George Coffee Liqueur, Orgeat and Walnut Bitters- $18.00-

-Green Electron-

-Tito's Handmade Vodka, -Lemon Juice, Honey, Green Tea $15.00-

-The Tesla-

-Bulleit Bourbon, Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey, -Green Chartreuse, Simple Syrup $17.00-

-Electric Mule-

-Reyka Vodka, Lemon Juice, Strawberry and -Lemon Grass Cordial, Q Ginger Beer $15.00-

-Samantha Sterling-

-Grey Goose Vodka, Lillet Rose, Lime Juice, -Watermelon Juice, Cinnamon Cordial $16.00-

-Time Turner-

-Cruzan Light Rum, Campari, Lime Juice, -Pineapple Juice, Orgeat $15.00-

-The Edison-

-Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Belle de Brillet Pear Brandy,- Lemon Juice, Honey Cordial $16.00-

-Strawberry Fields Forever-

-Hangar One Vodka, St~Germaine Liqueur, -Honey, Lime Juice, Strawberries, Mint, Lemonade $15.00-

Edison Vintage Cocktails

-Mai Tai-

-Flor de Cana Gran Reserve -7 year Rum, Cointreau, -Orgeat, Lime Juice, Orange Juice, Simple Syrup $15.00-

-French 75-

-Nolet's Gin, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, -Domaine Chandon Brut $16.00-

-Whiskey Sour-

-Pendleton Rye, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup-$16.00-

-Berry Smash-

-Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey, -Cinnamon Cordial, Honey, -Lemon Juice, Blackberries, Raspberries-



-Hennessy V.S. Cognac, Peychaud’s Bitters,- St. George Absinthe Rinse- $17.00-


-Casa Noble Tequila, Grapefruit Juice, -Lime Juice, Simple Syrup and Club Soda- $15.00-