The Wave at Disney'e Contemporary Resort

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Welcome, thank you for revisiting us here at Theme Park Fantasy. Today we’re looking into another unique dining location within the confines of Walt Disney World. In particular, we’re visiting The Wave at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

We’re going to take a good look at this table service restaurant. What are the Menu Options? Do they have vegan alternatives? What are the signature drinks? How is the theming of the dining room, and is it a comfortable restaurant to eat at? Finally, is this Disney Dining experience worth the trip?

The Wave is located on Walt Disney World property at the Contemporary Resort. Entering through the front of the Contemporary’s main entrance, it is conveniently located on the first or lobby floor. It is uniquely themed not with Disney Characters, but rather loud fluorescent colors and lights. Overall, though, it is still dimly lit, creating a pleasant atmosphere for your dinner. The only downside we found with the location was the arrangement of tables within the dining room. They are too tightly arranged so that several tables are located in areas that I consider very poorly placed.

The room itself has a side room so that the dining room can be divided into two rooms. Unfortunately, they decided to place tables in line with the massive doorways giving you a slightly uncomfortable feeling. Also, they located too many tables within the space, so you feel crowded. A result of this is that our wait and the adjoining waitress bumped into our table and chairs several times, with no apologies. Poor planning at it best.

However, the service was good. Our server tried very hard to keep us comfortable and our drinks full while waiting for our appetizers and meals. Unfortunately, the kitchen was running very slow, so this was a difficult task for our server. He did continually update us and check on us throughout the time.

Looking at this Disney Dining menu, you will see such favorites as a Beef Tenderloin, a Roasted Chicken, a Pork Tenderloin, and Gnocchi. In our visits to The Wave, we have tried the Lump Crab Cakes, The fish of the day, The Herb Roasted Chicken, and the filet. All were of good quality and decent portion size. The only real issue was that we had asked for the filet to be cooked well, butterflied to help, and it was served Medium. When at a restaurant of this caliber, you should never have to ask to correct your cooking temperature. Otherwise, the entries all had good flavor and excellent presentation.

As for Vegan Options, they have several salads, cauliflower tacos, seared gnocchi, and Tikka Masala, a rice-based dish. This menu does give you some good alternatives for a plant-based diet. As for flavors, we have tried the seared gnocchi and found it to be cooked well and delightful flavors. This arena is an area that Disney is paying attention to this day and age as Plant-Based foods are called for more often now.

Now, let’s look at drinks. This area may have been the highlight as they were strong and good sized. We tried such favorites as Blue Glow Tini, Moscow Mule, Raspberry Margarita, Raspberry Margarita, and the Ultimate Long Island Iced Tea. All were strong with great flavor and character. Typically priced for a Disney Drink, they were worth the cost. In the area of non-alcoholic drinks, they offered several versions of lemonades, Coke products, Iced Teas, and even a non-alcoholic mojito. These creations shed some positive light on our experience.

At this point, spending close to $250 for three people, we finished our meals and moved on. We did get our fill and didn’t venture to the desert menu. But, they do offer a Crème Brulee and a Chocolate Flight. Both looked visually pleasing, but as stated, we didn’t try them for flavor. Unfortunately, this was the extent of the desert menu. This menu is one area. The Wave could use improvement. While these two items may be tasty, they don’t make for an extensive set of options. Many other Disney locations will offer between 4 to 6 alternatives. These alternatives only make the experience more satisfying.

So, in the end, we did have a positive diner at Disney’s The Wave. I’m not sure that I would venture out to do the dining room again. We have had better experiences in Disney for less money and better quality offerings. This dining room itself felt tight, and the music was a little too loud for an enjoyable evening with conversation. The menu was diverse enough for most diners, and they did have a decent selection of plant-based options. However, the dessert menus were in need of some creativity. By far, the bright spot of our night out was the drinks. The Wave offers a large selection of tasty creations, all at the average Disney pricing level.

In the end, the next time we come back to the Contemporary, we will drink and eat at The Wave’s Bar. This room is lit with neon light tubes and has a unique, exciting feel. You can also get a great selection of appetizers to go with your flavorful drinks. This, from experience, is one of the best ways to eat and drink at Disney. At most bars that are part of a restaurant, you can get much of the same food and appetizers as the dining room. So, the best of both worlds.

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