Things You Should Know About Walt Disney World Quick Service Restaurants.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

I like many restaurants, but some times you are either looking to save time or money, in which case Disney has provided us with a perfect option in quick service locations.

So what do I need to know about Disney's quick-service dining? Quick serves are not all made equal, but there is always at least one that will fill the need that you have. Whether your family needs vegan meals or budget dining, quick serves provide great variety at an affordable price.

Quick serves may fit the bill for what your party needs, but what does your party need? Are you on a vegan diet, or does your family have dietary needs? How much money do you want to spend at a quick service? Do Disney quick serves take the Disney dining plan? You should know about the Disney quick service locations, so I will answer all of these and more.

What kind of food do Disney quick serves have?

Walt Disney World quick service has many diverse foods for just about every flavor palette out there. The days of when you had to get a cheeseburger because it was the only thing that was on the menu are gone—some flavors and foods ranging from vegan friendly to a bbq platter for meat lovers.

If you are looking for vegan food, you can find a vegan option at almost all of the Disney quick servers. The most popular of these tend to be either salad with only vegetables or beyond meat. The application of beyond meat has grown exponentially in the parks, being used in everything from tacos to meatloaf as a substitution for standard meat. Beyond meat is also good for people that like regular meat as well. Based on my experience, I would say that if no one told me that it was plant-based, I would have assumed it was meat.

Beyond the vegan option, there are a wide variety of types of food in the quick-service category. Everything from the food courts you have in your Disney resort to the various options for a bite in the parks. They have everything from Mexican quick servers with tacos and quesadilla to seafood eateries with shrimp and fish for your dining pleasure. These are located all over in the parks and at the hotels, so there will probably be a quick-serve for you no matter your preference for food.

Do quick serves have alcohol?

The thing about quick serves is that they want you in and out as fast as possible to help as many guests as they can. Alcohol is one of those things that you find in many sit-down restaurants because they want you to relax and stay awhile. There are some exceptions to this rule, though, throughout the parks.

A docking bay 7, there are usually at least two different alcoholic drinks available at any given time. This is because of the unique flavors you can find in the galaxy's edge that can't be found anywhere else. The other reason for this is that the cantina is small with really limited seating, so drinks are offered at the land's quick-service locations.

Les halls over in France in Epcot have alcohol for purchase as well as their food. This is commonly a frozen wine or liquor of some kind based on the month and what they have available.

When it comes to liquor being served at a quick-serve, they will always be in a plastic cup for safety and convenience. When you get the glass, though, you may notice that it will not have a lid for it. This is so park security knows that it is alcohol, and they know not to let a guest leave the park with it. This is for everyone's general safety, and they will enforce this rule, so don't ask for a lid.

Do Disney quick serves have breakfast?

Any quick service that is open before eleven in the morning will have a breakfast menu of some kind. This will vary by the location and the type of food they serve during the rest of the day. This will vary anything from crepes to pastries to breakfast burritos right now though there is some limitation on where you can get breakfast items from the parks.

Because of the limitations for food in the parks, one of the best places to get breakfast if you are staying on property is the resort cafeteria. Both you go out to the parks stop by the commissary in your resort to see what they have. Common items include omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast platters that come with all the staples of breakfast. Also, be sure to try out the mickey waffles at least once on your trip. They make a fun and tasty treat.

As more and more dining options become available in the parks, your options for breakfast will also expand. Until then, you can always get a pastry and a coffee from the Joffrey's carts located around the parks. Sometimes they will even have giant doughnuts with chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry icing, and these are always worth getting.

How much do Disney quick serves cost?

The cost of a quick-serve will be less than that of a sit-down restaurant but more than if you grabbed a snack from a cart. The average total bill that you will pay for when it at a quick-serve should be half that of a sit down because the food at a quick-serve should be anywhere from eleven to twenty dollars in cost. So if your family normally pays a hundred dollars at a sit-down restaurant, then you should only pay fifty to sixty dollars for your family at a quick-serve.

Some quick serves will be cheaper than others, though, so you should keep this in mind. The backlot express in Hollywood studios is going to be cheaper than the galaxy's edge. Docking Bay 7 food and cargo is a good example of this. This also applies to Disney spring, where blaze pizza is cost-efficient, while the d-luxe burger is extremely expensive in comparison.

So how much you pay at a quick-serve has some maundering room. It should be anywhere near breaking the bank for you and your party. Keep in mind, though, that alternative eats on or near Disney, such as the MacDonald's on the property that just got a redesign.

Do quick serves take the Disney dining plan?

Every Disney quick service that I have ever eaten at has accepted the Disney dining plan. This ranges from quick service in the parks to cafeterias in the hotels. The quick-serve will usually take one quick-serve dining credit for each meal that you order. A meal consists of an entrée, a soft drink, and a dessert. The dining plan does not include things like sides, appetizers, and alcohol. So with the Disney dining plan, you might very well be able to pay for an entire meal without spending anything more than the dining points.

Do I need a reservation for a Disney quick-service restaurant?

I have found that you do not need a reservation when it comes to a Disney quick-service restaurant, with very few exceptions. There is a mobile order system that you can avail yourself of if you feel like you would to get your food as quickly as possible or if you are going to be eating on the go. The mobile order system has its section in the restaurant and its line, so it is like a reservation system for quick service.

I hope that this article helps answer your questions about quick serves in Disney world. If you want to learn more to prepare for your theme park trip, you should have a look around the site. We have articles on everything, from restaurants to hotels.

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