Top Nine Tips To Help Enjoy Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Welcome back to Theme Park fantasy. Today we’re taking a very special trip to the land of the movies. That’s right, today we’re discussing the top 10 tips for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We’re going to be covering some things you might not know about and some things that you definitely should know.

Alright, I love Hollywood Studios. I’d have to say hands down it is one of my favorite parks ever since I was a little kid that I love the style. I love the different rides you can get there, and I was a huge Star Wars fan. I love the fact they had a Star Wars ride.

But now Hollywood has grown so much different, and that’s not a bad thing. But there are some things that you should know about before you go, so let’s go ahead and kick it off at #9.

#9 Go through Toy Storyland into Galaxy’s Edge.

Whether you like Galaxy’s edge or not is a matter of opinion. I’ve heard many different people love it and many other people who are disappointed in it.

But in my personal experience, if you want that first time entering the land feeling to be the most special, take a swing around and go through Toy Story Land, which is a fantastic land on its own and go for the entrance. There it opens up into this wide Star Wars market section.

From here, you’re just enveloped in that Star Wars feeling. It’s not actually the entrance that they want you to go through. They would like you to go around the other side and go through the tunnel facade before going through into the area. My problem with that is it doesn’t look as good. It does not create the awe-inspiring feeling of you going to another planet. I feel more immersed entering through Toy Story land.

You just do, and that’s the feeling everyone should have when they go to another planet.

#8, Sticking with Galaxy’s Edge

Go for the food and drink at Docking Bay 7 and not the Cantina. Docking Bay 7 is a quick-serve restaurant for Galaxy’s Edge, and I highly recommend it over Olga’s Cantina. It’s important to know that the Cantina isn’t really a restaurant. It’s more of a bar even though they bill it as a restaurant.

But of the two, Docking Bay 7 offers you much better food. Also, They usually have alcoholic drinks if that’s one of your things to do at Disney. Also, the atmosphere is so much better. I mean to say that you can have your own table. In the Cantina, you share a table with strangers.

However, the Cantina does have some cool stuff. It was cool to go in there and see Rex from the original Star Tours ride.

In the end, Docking Bay 7 is still a better time. They even have cool silverware that you can take with you because it’s a pre-plastic-wrapped spork. It’s designed to take home, and It’s cool.

#7 is still sticking with Galaxy’s Edge. Let’s go ahead and head on over to Don Octar’s Den of Antiquities.

For a Star Wars nerd, if you are one or you have one in your family, they love this collection of Star Wars memorabilia. These family members or friends binge watch the movies and TV shows and read the comic books. Yes, you know who this person is in your family. You have to take them to Don Octar’s Den of antiquities. This place is filled with references and antiques from the films and even some of the TV shows.

The lore that they incorporated into this one building outweighs almost everything else in the whole of Galaxy’s Edge. If you think that they are maybe a little bit underwhelmed by Galaxy’s Edge, take them in here, and they will believe that the land is worth it.

The location includes references to the Wampa from Empire Strikes Back. They even present different lightsaber hilts from many different Jedis that I loved.

It’s just a fantastic experience, and FYI. If you love the Mandalorian TV show, you can see a version of his armor on the antiquity shop walls. It’s fantastic. It’s a truly remarkable experience for anybody who loves Star Wars.

#6. If you want to eat in Hollywood studios, Either go to Mama Melrose or the Brown Derby.

Again, we’re getting into subjective territory here. I always tell you guys this, that my taste might differ from yours, but here are the facts.

Eating in Hollywood Studios has never been its strongest point. In fact, the two best restaurants, in my opinion, is Mama Melrose, or the Brown Derby.

The Brown Derby appears as an upscale restaurant, and it is upper scale food. However, it is still affordable. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing. You have an excellent bar selection that will offer you house specials as well as standard drinks.

The menu offers you have good selections of steak and fish. These dishes provide you with flavors and textures that will delight your pallet.

Mama Melrose is a homey environment where you sit down and feel like you’ve been invited into a real Italian restaurant. And then there’s the excellent food, and the décor throws nods back to old Hollywood. Items from the 50s to the 70s are placed around the dining room to the authentic Italian experience.

I love eating at either of these locations. The food is always top-notch. I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with either of them.

Personal recommendations include the filet mignon is always excellent at the Brown Derby. I would still recommend the shrimp or chicken and vodka sauce at Mama Melrose if they have it. Those are just. Perfect for a great day at the parks.

Beyond that, you can go to Sci-fi Diner. I will say that I will add it to the list, but I added it to the list on the condition that it is much more of an experience for you and your family than it is necessarily good food. It’s not bad, but the food is more on the lighter fare side, such as sandwiches and burgers.

You’re just not getting the upper level for the price tag that you’re paying. You are paying to be sitting in a convertible car at an old drive-in theater where you’re looking at old movies on a giant screen.

#5 Get breakfast at the Tower of Terror cart outside the exit after you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Let’s face it, and we’ve all been there. You’ve scheduled your day. You got up early in the morning, so you could be there near the Park opening if not at the Park opening. You get on your first ride of the day.

If you’ve listened to our video on the top rides, you’ll know that the one that we favor here at Theme Park Fantasy is the Tower of Terror because it is one of the best rides in the park.

We’re going to warn you about this, though. Don’t eat before you get on this ride. This ride is going to jerk you around a lot. It may cause some motion sickness. I don’t recommend eating before it. What I do recommend, though, is once you’re off that ride and you’re stomach is settled, hit the Joffery’s Cart at the exit.

It’s less expensive than the Starbucks that is located on their Main Street. And arguably, I like the giant Donuts a lot better than any of those pastries situated anywhere on the property. Giant Donuts in Disney World, people. That’s what we’re talking about, yum.

#4 Next tip, we’re going to say go check out the bar outside of the Brown Derby.

If there appears to be a long wait inside, consider eating at the outside bar. As I said, Brown Derby is one of the best in the park, so you can see quite a line start to build up. Inside of that, if that happens, but you want to get some of that atmosphere, some of that food and drink, then you can check out the bar outside.

If it’s pouring rain outside, the bar may be closed. It depends on the time of day, but the bar may be closed. If it’s open, it can be a great way to get a similar experience without worrying about waiting in such a long line to sit down inside.

#3 Get to the Millennium Falcon early.

Ever since our current situation hit in the year of our Lord 2020, there has been an exciting event that has happened with the Millennium Falcon.

It is now a single party riding inside the ride, meaning that if you have three people, that’s who goes into the Falcon cockpit. This method is an excellent experience if you really didn’t like the idea of sharing your ride experience with other people, total strangers, or if you know you just really wanted to have that experience with a very select group. Well, you can have that now. I mean, as long as your group is six or under. They don’t load anybody else into the cockpit.

The flip side of this is that line is now a lot longer than before because they can’t cycle as many people through, so get there early. This issue will be one of the few times that we’re going to recommend that you go to a park early to do the Millennium Falcon and that feeling of being a pilot or the gunner or the engineer, just you and your family or you and your group.

#2, Ride the Tower of Terror at night.

If you’ve seen our video on best rides, you know Tower Of Terror is a creepy ride. It’s suitable for those who love thrills and chills, but that is even better when you ride it at night. The music becomes more haunting, and the artifacts start to look a bit creepier when the lights inside the hotel only dimly illuminate them. Even better, the hotel itself has lights projected onto it, giving it this ethereal glow like it’s not quite in our dimension, haha.

Another fun fact, if you go just before park closing, the wait time sign, as soon as the line whittles down, will most constantly say 13 minutes as 13 is an unlucky number and very much tied to the ride, and number one is a most recommended tip right now.

#1 Don’t stress about Rise of The Resistance.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I believe in this tip, and you need to know it.

Rising resistance is this big attraction. It is touted as the top Hollywood Studios Ride because Disney did not open it to Galaxies Edge’s mainstream attraction. They instead put the million Falcon in as the opening ride. Rise of The Resistance would open later.

While this ride is the most technologically advanced ride in Disney, it suffers constant breakdowns. It is also challenging to secure a boarding pass as they are obtained on My Disney Experience on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Initially, you would have an opportunity to get boarding passes at 10 am or 1 pm. Even if you’re there for both, you will submit your number on your phone with no guarantee that you will be able to ride. Now, They have offered an additional boarding pass at 7 am.

For this reason, you shouldn’t base your entire vacation on getting to ride. I mean it, you’re setting yourself up for some misery, and you just don’t need that kind of stress in your life right now. There’s still lots of fun. Ride Star Tours, a fun ride, Tower of Terror is a great ride, Millennium Falcon is a fantastic ride.

Take it for what it is. If you could get into it, that’s a bonus, but don’t set yourself upon it.

Just keep that in mind, and you can still have a great time at Hollywood Studios.

We are Theme Park Fantasy, and we hope these top tips for Hollywood Studios will help you organize and have a great experience in our favorite Disney Park.

Additionally, we have more information that will help you to navigate the Disney theme parks. Head over to to see how we can help with your Disney Vacation Planning.

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