Victoria Falls Lounge At Animal Kingdom Lodge, review

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Victoria Falls Lounge at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge review

Today we're heading on over to Victoria Falls Lounge over at the fantastic Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. For those of you who haven't had a chance to frequent this lounge location, it is located in the main building above Boma.

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Now down to the review. We have spent much time in Walt Disney World, and Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of our favorites. Where else can you book a hotel room with a giraffe as your view? Yes, right outside your balcony. Also, this resort hotel in Walt Disney World offers some genuinely fantastic dining. From the all-you-can buffet at Boma to Jiko, you will find amazing African influenced food and treats. This also shines through in the quick-service food court.

But one area often overlooked at all most all Disney Resorts is the Lounge or Bar. Here at Animal Kingdon Lodge, they have several beautiful locations. Over at Kidani Village, the DVC location, there is the Maji Pool Bar and Sanaa. At Jamba House, they offer the Cape Town Lounge and Bar and Victoria Falls Lounge. This is the location we will be discussing.

Victoria Falls Lounge is located just above Boma in the main registration building at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is a simply decorated location with African Theming. The overall feel is open air as the ceiling is roughly two stories above you as you overlook Boma. Darker colors, several televisions hang around the location, and comfortable couches and tables give this location a relaxing feeling. Victoria Falls Lounge is the perfect place to stop in after a long day at the parks to grab a burger and a drink.

In addition to their full menu, they have a good amount of food available. Also, the food served here is produced at the Jiko kitchen, so quality is not an issue. Over our many trips, we have tried almost the entire menu. Volcan-spiced Chicken Wings are always on our menu. They are juicy and spicy. The perfect match for a Long Island Iced Tea.

The Goat Cheese Dip and the Mushroom Flatbread are also always on our list. The Goat Cheese Dip here at the Victoria Falls Lounge is smooth and cheesy and served with pita bread. It is large enough to share and would be filling for just one person.

The Mushroom Flatbread is another fantastic choice. It is filled with mushrooms, ricotta, and goat cheese, and this sharable item is another of our favorite choices. Usually, this flatbread pairs well with the Mt. Kilimarita. Together, this combo often serves as one of our shared entrees.

Next up is the Cheese and Charcuterie and finally the Braai Burger and Seasoned Fries. The cheese and charcuterie is a nice change of pace with variations on the types of cheese and meats. This is consistently good, although it is not a regular choice.

Finally, the Braai Burger and Seasoned Fries. Say no more. Burgers and fries, and this is not a fast-food burger. Instead, it is a juicy burger with black diamond cheddar and applewood bacon. Also, it is topped with fried green tomato and red onion marmalade. Yum. This is also great to split. In addition it pairs well with a Flaming Lilly, a fantastic Gin based drink with lemon juice.

As you may have noticed above, I have named three drinks that we would recommend. They have a full bar at this location, so the sky is the limit. Just note that the drinks are strong and priced in line with resort pricing.

Another note here is that if you would like to have a nightcap before bed, The Victoria Falls Lounge offers an amazing chocolate martini. We always find that a great chocolate martini is a perfect way to unwind from a long day of part hopping. It will take the edge off, so to speak. It is a favorite of ours.

Now, this location is considered a lounge, but we always stop here to have dinner. If you compare the pricing for four of the appetizers versus that us a buffet or a table service meal, you will find that it is less expensive. You will also walk away from the table full, but not overloaded. This is always a problem when eating at a resort similar to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, especially if you are on the dining plan. All the food in front of you, and you have the desire to attack it all.

Also, the Victoria Falls Lounge does take the Disney Dining Plan. The entries on the menu can be formed to make a meal, or for the price, we save the vouchers for something more expensive. They do take Annual Passholder Discounts and Disney Chase Card discounts. The latter two are usually the best method so that you can save the vouchers for more expensive venues. Every penny counts, especially here in Disney on Vacation.

ow that we have taken you to dinner at Victoria Falls Lounge, let's take a walk outside of the resort. Whether you are staying at the resort or if you have just stopped in to visit, don't forget to take a quick walk in the backyard. Also, The resort usually has a cast member available in the yard to discuss the animals. They will remain around until dark to advise you on helpful and entertaining information on the animals.

Another great item to partake in is sitting around the campfire. Once you leave the lounge, you can grab a chair out at the fire pit and watch the flames and talk about the day's outings. This is always a perfect way to end your day.

We have stayed at Disney's Animal Kingdom lodge many times, and it remains one of our favorite Deluxe Resorts of Disney Property. No other location will give you access to animals and nature like this location does. Besides, the food is fantastic. Inspired by African fare, It will satisfy almost any quest. So, for your next trip to Disney, take to time to go and visit Animal Kingdom Lodge and Victoria Falls Lounge.

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