What are the Top Ten Tips at the Magic Kingdom?

Hi guys, so you want to be planning a lovely trip to the Magic Kingdom. Well, we have ten great tips for you here today on theme Park Fantasy. Before we get into it, please leave a like and subscribe to our channel, so you always get the best stuff from us. Alright, we all love going to Magic Kingdom. It’s a fun place to go to. Great for your family, it’s a great first trip location, but there are some things that you probably should know about it before you go.

#10. Aladdin and Dumbo are the same rides, but Aladdin has a shorter wait time.

Honestly, I always used to love both of these rides when I was little, but of the two, Aladdin was slightly more fun for me. That could be just because I loved Adventureland more, but in truth, they’re the same ride you go up. You go down, and you spin around. It’s a nice ride, and it’s fun. If you have little kids, this may be the choice as Aladdin consistently has shorter wait times. Also, Dumbo is over in the new silly circus area and offers you two different rides areas.

And the lines are still huge. So if you want the same experience, but maybe you want to don’t want to wait as long, go right ahead and go over to Aladdin.

#9 There are no fireworks or parades right now.

Yeah, this one is kind of sad in our group because we love the parades. I grew up watching Spectromagic. It was a fantastic experience, and Wishes was always a great experience. We even had the soundtrack. We listen to it whenever we traveled to Florida, but unfortunately, due to everything that’s going on globally, Disney has no plans to bring back fireworks or parades currently. We heard some rumors they might be doing it in Epcot.

But even this topic hasn’t been fully confirmed. For right now, the best you can hope for is maybe seeing some light shows, but even those aren’t confirmed or on any real schedule. So if you really want to see fireworks or parades, you might want to hold off a little bit and come back at a later date.

#8. Cut between Frontier and Adventureland to cut down on your travel time.

There are two cool locations when you’re in either of these areas. They allow you to pass through and essentially cut time out of your travel in the park. One of these shortcuts is ironically over by Aladdin’s flying carpets and Aloha Isle. Here you can walk directly into frontier land.

The other bypass is a much larger arch overpass but also has a great set of bathrooms. If you and your family need a good rest stop, that’s a great area to take it. This bypass is located across from the Swiss Robinson Family Tree House.

#7 if you’re going into Frontierland, make sure you wave hi to the Country Bears.

Normally, the country bears were very cool characters because they got to walk around Frontierland, which is not something that usually happens in Disney World. Usually, characters are always located at very select spots.

But since our current situation has happened, Disney has relocated them to the rooftops by Peco Bills and their venue. So be sure to keep your eye out for them and wave up to them. They usually have very cool interactions when they’re waving at you. And it’s an all-around fun experience.

#6 If you want to go to Fantasyland, say if you have your heart set on going to Dumbo, then you’re going to want to go through Cinderellas Castle.

You can take the wheel and spoke approach that Disney designed the park with, but that can take you a long while. You’ll be forced through with the crowds around Cinderella's Castle, especially right now. The Castle has an opening arch that you can go straight through and cut a fair amount of walking and time off your journey to Dumbo.

Another fun fact. This shortcut is also how you get to Cinderella's Royal Table. Also, this archway details the story of Cinderella in really cool mosaic paintings. They’re very cool to look at, and it can be fun for your kids if you’re going through there.

#5 check out classic rides like Buzz Lightyear, and it’s a small world if other ride lines are too long.

So yeah, this one is relatively self-explaining. These days the line times are just excessively huge. I mean, we see 60 minute wait times for older rides like Pirates and Honda Mansion. These times are a result of the ride’s popularity and social distancing.

Not that they couldn’t get up to these in traditional peak time, but right now, it is just absurd. Some of the other open rides that generally may have been long waits are now operating with reduced times.

Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger spin was one that we’d love to do, but always had a long wait time. Now, these times have been reduced and are typically running under 25 minutes. I mean, it’s a really cool experience to just walk onto a ride such as Buzz. You just walk on. It’s like walking from a little Buzz Lightyear themed maze more than it is a line at this point.

The same holds true for It’s A Small World. I mean, we’ve even seen Peter Pan’s Flight operating under 35 minutes. This wait is far below its average wait time, which could easily reach over one hour. So, if you’re looking to hit some rides, maybe, but you’re worried that the real classics rides perhaps a little bit too long for your family, you should consult My Disney Experience to see where the times actually are.

Check out some of those older classics. These rides might just have the wait time that you’re looking for so that you can get more magic into your day.

#4. The only place to get ice cream right now in the Magic Kingdom is Auntie Gravity’s Galactic goodies and the Plaza.

Yeah, unfortunately, they don’t even have a full listing at the Storybook Ice cream parlor. Also, the Plaza has a reduced list, and the Plaza Ice Cream parlor that’s closed down. Only two options for real ice cream are Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies and The Plaza.

The Plaza Restaurant is only providing shakes and Sundays with your dining reservation, and seating is limited. You can also swing by Aloha Isle. They might have ice cream, but that varies depending on the specials that they offer. They typically provide Dole Whipp options.

#3 If you want to see all the cavalcades, then wait on Main Street.

So, you may or may not be aware right now characters are not out and about at all inside any of Disney’s Theme Parks. I mean that you can’t find them at any of their meet and greet locations and Character Dining locations.

You will still see and view them, but there is no set schedule or location. This practice is how Disney is handling the Character Crowds. They come out, they wave at you, and they go back in. This practice makes it hard to have a fun character experience, but Disney is working to improve these interactions.

Also, because they’re not running parades right now, Disney has repurposed the floats into these great character cavalcades that they’re running down Main Street USA in random order. They make their way through the park somewhat, but if you want to be guaranteed to see them, go ahead and wait on Main Street. This way, you’ll get to see the full loop of them.

Right now we just came out of Halloween time at the time of this blog. Disney had some cool adjusted cavalcades. They offered views of Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oggie Boogie. They had another that was a villain themed float for all of you Disney Villians lovers.

Disney will also run their standard Princess cavalcade and a “move it, shake it,” and another from the original afternoon parade that they used to run at 3 pm. These aren’t as cool as regular character experiences, but it is an excellent substitute in a time when you can’t find any characters at all.

#2 you can still get your picture taken on Main Street or in front of the Castle with Walter Mickey.

This service was on hold for a while when they reopened, but it has since started to come back, and I’m happy about it. Getting your picture taken in front of the Castle is one of those memories that you keep with you forever. I still have the one from when I was a little kid when my parents took me for the first time.

They even have a contact list photo pass options to get that perfect picture, and you don’t even have to make contact with the photographer’s scanner at all. You can get a detailed picture that keeps the magic of your trip for you, but you didn’t have to take it yourself or worry about finding somebody to take your picture for you. It’s a nice feature, and we’re glad to have it back.

#1 the best restaurants to go to right now.

In the Magic Kingdom, our first choice is Skippers Canteen or The Plaza Restaurant.

Now I say this knowing that this is very subjective based on my taste in food and what your taste in food might be. But here’s what you need to know right now for wait times and price. Skippers Canteen and the Plaza will offer you the best to get right now at reasonable pricing inside the Magic Kingdom.

Be our guest is another fantastic experience that is open right now. But the building is more extraordinary than the food, especially since they switched over to using a course style menu. You don’t get as much variety, and the price is pretty hefty for what it is.

I mean, if you like French food. I’m sorry if you love French food, then this might be a good experience for you, but if it’s not, you probably won’t get much enjoyment except the design and theme in the three dining rooms.

Unfortunately, Cinderella's Royal Table, while a good experience if the princesses were still making their way around, is not the best value at $65 at the time of this recording. That is a lot of money where you don’t even get to allow your child to meet one of the Princesses that they probably had their heart set on meeting.

So if you want great food with great variety at a price that you can actually afford for your vacation, I highly recommend either skippers, canteen or the Plaza.

That has been our list. I’m Jace for Theme Park Fantasy, and I’m hoping you’ll go over and check some of our videos on Youtube. You can also view more informational blogs and reviews on our website at themeparkfantasy.com. Have a fantastic and magical day.

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