What Are Walt Disney World In Room Celebrations?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

I love celebrating special events at Walt Disney World as there is no other place to experience joy and magic. With that in mind, sometimes you don't want to go out to the park, and at Disney, you can celebrate in your room.

So what are in-room celebrations at Disney? Well, an in-room celebration is a gift basket or package of items to let you celebrate your special event. Whether it is a birthday at the parks or ringing in the new year with some champagne, there are many celebration options.

So you know about celebrations know but what are the celebrations that you want to have? Do you want to spend new years eve with your partner sipping champagne? Is it your family's first trip and you wanted to do something extra special, so you had a Mickey or Minnie basket waiting for you when you first got to the room? The type of celebration that you want isn't the only important thing to know. It also comes down to the type of fan that you are. Through this article, I hope to help you get a better idea of the types of celebrations on offer here.

First Time Trips

For first-timers, there are a few celebration options that will bring your visit to the next level.

Disney Family Treats Tote - Mickey Mouse

This bag is great for Walt Disney World first-timers as it has a variety of snacks that you use in the parks. The bag also has a refillable water bottle for you to keep drinks in, which is a nice feature considering that drinks in Disney can be expensive, so having your own is a useful thing to bring to the parks. Today most kids recognize the mickey mouse color palette, and when they see this bag, they are all the more excited for their trips to the parks.

If you want to see the package for yourself, go ahead and click here.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney

The Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney package is a set of items for first-timers to have that magical experience right off the bat once you get to the resort. I think a few items make this gift stand out for guests that are going for their first time.

The first of these is the fact that this book comes with a hidden mickey guide. Hidden mickeys are little mickey mouse shapes that have been made by the people that make the parks. These hidden icons can be found all over the place, and now some people just go around Disney property looking for these, like a Disney world scavenger hunt. This book will help you with this because the book logs the location of hundreds of these hidden mickeys thought the whole of Walt Disney World.

Another piece that I thought was cool was the inclusion of some mickey ears in the bag. Mickey's ears are a coveted item and one that people love as both keepsakes and collectibles. Your first set of Mickey's ears is something special, though, and it is awesome to wear your first pair to the magic kingdom on the first day. This gift back comes with a standard set of black mickey ears that, for an extra fee, you can customize the ears to have someone's name on them.

Other fun little items are used in this bag so that you can make the most out of your Disney trip. These items are like an autograph book and pen for getting autographs from the characters you meet. A starter pin collection so that you can start pin collecting and pin trading on your trip. You even get a camera bag with the tote, so you have something Disney themed to carry your camera around in.

If you want to see the package for yourself, go ahead and click here.

Romantic gifts

These are great whether you newlywed on your honeymoon or celebrating the fiftieth anniversary.

Ears to the Happy Couple

Ears to the happy couple is a gift set that you can send to a newlywed couple staying on Walt Disney World property. The gift set is themed around a wedding and features items for both the bride and the groom.

You get two sets of ears with this gift, one for the bride and one for the groom. The bride's mouse ears are white with a little veil on it, pinned under a tiara. The groom is a tuxedo themed set of ears with a black and white pattern and a little top hat on top. If you or the people you are sending your gifts to were these in the parks, they would know who just got married, maybe even at Disney World itself.

There is also a set of chocolates included in the gift set for the couple to enjoy, and by the looks of the picture, they are Ghiradelli chocolates. These chocolates are delicious, and given that there is a Ghiradelli's store right in Disney springs, I would have to imagine fresh as well.

The big attraction of this gift set is the sparkling cider and the flutes that come with the gift set. The cider is a sparkling cider made by the Disney company and offered at special events like fireworks viewings. I think it still is. It's just that the original show it is used for is no longer around. The flutes are engraved with a mickey mouse design so that you can enjoy a Disney design with your Disney vintage.

If you want to see the package for yourself, go ahead and click here.

Celebrate a Magical Romance

Celebrate a magical romance is another romance-themed gift set for those staying at the Walt Disney World resort. The difference here is that this gift is not meant only for newlyweds but for anyone who is celebrating something romantic. This can be anything from a romantic getaway to an anniversary.

In the gift set, you will receive both the cider and the flutes that we talked about from the last set, as well as some chocolate. What is new in this set is a set of candles for romantic mood lighting in your room. In addition to the candles, there is also a plate of rose peddles that you can spread around your room for a dramatic and romantic effect.

If you are also interested, the gift set also includes a spa kit of sorts so you and your partner can relax together. The kit even includes a set of soft white towels for when you are done.

If you want to see the package for yourself, go ahead and click here.

A Toast for Two with Dom Perignon Champagne

I included this in the romantic celebration session because while you may drink champagne by yourself or with friends but if you are going to spend five hundred dollars, I think you'll be drinking with your partner. The arrangement for this gift box is quite simple as you get the bottle of Dom Perignon as well as two mickey mouse flutes to drink it with. In addition to this, you will also receive a small set of chocolates from having your Dom Perignon.

If you want to see the package for yourself, go ahead and click here.


Whether it is a birthday or ringing in the new year, these packages are great for different celebrations.

A Toast For Two

This is another one that could have gone not the romantic gift basket list, but it would also work well for other purposes. You could get this instead of the standard new Year basket as it is a little bit cheaper. It could also be used to celebrate an event in your life that isn't defined above. The gift basket contains some of the wishes sparkling cider and two of the mickey flute glasses. This gift set also includes some chocolate, so that is also a bonus.

If you want to see the package for yourself, go ahead and click here.

Mickey's Most Magical Birthday Celebration

This is a really good option for someone who is looking for a solution to a unique gift idea. This birthday gift basket is themed to mickey mouse, making it an ideal gift for any Disney lover.

This gift basket comes neatly packed in a mickey themed tote for you to carry all of this around in. This basket includes a few notable items that make it special, but overall, I think this basket is great. There is a mickey mouse plush that comes with the basket and some birthday-themed mickey mouse ears. There is even a Disney themed birthday card inside.

If you want to see the package for yourself, go ahead and click here.

Overall I hope that this article helps you choose your gift basket or at the very least take a look at what they have. There are a lot of good options here that will work for any number of needs. If you need more planning advice, please have q look around the site. We have articles on every from rides to hotels to help you have the best theme park experience.

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