May 1, 2021, is operating at the capacity limit of 35% percent. Now the CDC has released new guidance for increasing capacity to even more, which will let the outdoor entertainment for the fireworks and parades.

When it comes to reaching capacity limits, Walt Disney World receives tens of thousands of guests based on the property's overall design. In the past, Walt Disney World would easily reach capacity during popular times of the year.

These times include:

  • Popular holidays including Christmas and New Year's Eve

  • Special weekend events including marathons

  • Spring Break for College

Reaching capacity prior to COVID-19 would close park admission for new quests.

COVID-19 has made the whole world slow down and be responsible for everyone's safety. Walt Disney World was one of the first companies to be accountable and follow THE CDC COVID-19 guidelines. This action meant closing down the parks for everyone's safety, no matter the financial impact.

CDC Influence on Theme Parks

Now our lives are beginning to re-emerge as we follow CDC GUIDELINES OF SOCIAL DISTANCE and wearing masks. Finally, we are currently only required to wear our masks inside, and the COVID Vaccines are helping to slow the spread.

With the implementation of these and social guidelines, the parks are not only open but are now able to allow more guests to enjoy the magic of the beautiful world of Walt DISNEY WORLD.

So, with this excellent news, Walt Disney World is currently accepting 35% of capacity. This level ensures that they can work at a comfortable social distance and keep the parks safe for all.

As the CDC ensures safer numbers, the Walt Disney World parks will increase capacity and offer outside social events with more capacity. Right now, the number of vaccinated residents of Orange County, Florida, which is the home of Walt Disney World, allows us to be at phase 1. This phase changes physical distancing from 6 feet to 3 feet.

This outstanding outcome means we are closer to enjoying more of what Disney World has to offer.

Dealing with limited dining

Disney World is well known for its character dining and is one of Disney's staples. Character dining is unique because you interact with your favorite Disney characters.

Many character dining experiences are ranging from:

  • Micky and Minnie Mouse & friends

  • Disney Princess

  • Winnie the Pooh and friends

Walt Disney World's 50th-anniversary celebration begins on October 1, 2021. We all know that they will be increasing capacity while keeping everyone's safety in mind.

As the 4th of July comes closer and the vaccine is given to more and more people, lowering the level of infection. This reduction will increase the ability for more people to go to the parks.

Walt Disney World has four theme parks, two water parks, and Disney Springs, where there is plenty of dining and shopping. You will be able to enjoy this because the Disney company will follow the proper restrictions and guidelines.

As the CDC regulates and continues to relax its guidelines, this will allow Disney Parks to make your dreams come true.

People can now begin to travel and reach for the dream of coming to Walt Disney World for their summer trips. This timing will allow for the slow growth of park capacity. As the crowds increase with this safe pace, it will give the cast members and guests to get back into the swing of enjoying life.

Admission and Park Pass System

When you begin to plan your Walt Disney World Resort visit this year, you will need to know that you will need a valid park ticket or Annual Pass to access the Disney World Parks. In addition, you will also need a Disney Park Pass reservation.

This reservation means you just can't walk into any park, even if you are an Annual Park Pass. This Reservation system applies to:





You don't have to reserve Bizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon, the Disney water parks. However, the only water park open at this time is DISNEYS BLIZZARD BEACH. Also, no reservations need to visit Disney's Springs.

Bob Chapek, Disney's CEO, indicated this week that Disney would be leaving the Park Reservation System in place until 2023.


Modified Park Hopping is available at the Disney Parks that have reopened. To be concise, You can once again move from one park to another. The only stipulations are that you enter your Park Reservation Park of the day. After this, at 2:00 pm, you can enter any park of choice, so long as the park capacity is not 100%.

Planning your Disney Vacation

When planning your future WALT DISNEY WORLD trip, we have some helpful tips for you.

There are four theme parks and two water parks on the Disney Resort in Florida. At this moment, only one of the Disney water parks is open, Disney's Blizzard Beach. The Disney water parks are separately ticketed parks and don't require the Park Reservation System.

Currently, due to the easing of COVID restrictions, You do not need to wear a mask in the outside areas, but you will need to wear a mask in any food areas. We suggest that you check for updated regulations when your vacation draws closer.

Disney Theme Parks

When booking the 4 Disney Theme Parks, the regulations with the mask-wearing and no mask are fine. When you are in restaurants, gift shops, and rides, a mask is required. You will need to have your theme park ticket and a reservation for the park. Disney has now allowed the ability to go to one park in the morning and hop over to a different Disney park after 2.00 pm with a Disney Park Hopper Ticket.

If you are concerned about crowding, we have some helpful tips to avoid the heavier popular areas.


The newest area within Animal Kingdom is AVATAR LAND. This Land happens to be the busiest because as it contains the most up to date rides, including:

  • Flight of Passage

  • Navi River Ride

These two rides put you in the world of Avatar and feature groundbreaking technology and animatronics.

This cluster of popular rides causes high traffic within this Land, significantly reducing social distancing from six feet to three feet.

If this is a concern for you and your family, There are plenty of memories to be made in the less crowded areas of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

One great alternative would be to go on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, where you can see live animals living in their habitats. There so many live animals to visit on the ride or the walking trails within this exhibit.

The size of this theme park offers lots of space for the animals and you and your family to distance. The operating capacity for this park is currently at 35%, with the social distancing to be at 3 feet instead of 6 feet apart. Please note that park capacities are increasing, and you should expect them to be at 100% by summer's end.


Studios has two new and very populated areas within the park. The first and busiest is Galaxy's Edge, the world of STAR WARS. The most recent of real worlds, you can immerse yourself and experience this Land like no other.

You can choose to follow The Resistance or The First Order, or you can experience both. You can do the impossible and fly the Millenium Falcon from the movie franchise. Just imagine how crowded this is.

The second big attraction that has opened is TOY STORY LAND. This Land offers you a peek into the world of Andy's toys. Disney makes use of your imagination and has brought Andy's toys to life. However, this Land is small in size and is always a crowd favorite.

DISNEY'S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS THEME PARK overall is DISNEYS's smaller cozy feeling park. This park is a beautiful park when you don't want to walk a lot. The operating capacity is at 35 % right now, and social distancing is 3 feet. Mask requirements follow CDC guidelines that include mandatory masks indoors.


WALT DISNEY EPCOT is the largest park which includes World Showcase Around the World. Make sure you have good walking shoes.

This park is large and sprawling, where walking is a large part of the adventure. The World Showcase mainly consists of exterior carts and food kiosks to put you in touch with the local flavor of the hosting country.

Again, the operating capacity is now at 35% but on the rise. In addition, this park has the largest quest capacity of all US-based Disney Parks at over 120,000 quests. EPCOT World Showcase is an exterior park when it comes to masks, so you can remove your mask while walking.


We saved the classic for last. This park is where it all began and grow into making our dreams come true. This park is also very spacious. It has been designed with CINDERELLA CASTLE in the middle with four lands in the four corners. The lands are Frontier land, Fantasy land, Tomorrow land, and Adventure land.

The design of these lands allows ample room for guests to wander through the areas comfortably. The operating capacity is at the standard 35%. The mask requirements are to be worn on rides and queue lines, inside gift shops and restaurants. Again, distancing is now three feet for the safety of guests

We hope our review of the newest social safety guidelines can help you plan and enjoy your Walt Disney World Vacation.

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