What is The Best BBQ In Disney Springs, House Of Blues.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Today we're talking about one of the best places to eat at Disney Springs. I'm Talking about unique Southern, American, and Barbecue, all in one location. Only one Disney Springs Restaurant checks these boxes, The House Of Blues. This Disney Springs Bar and Restaurant is located over by the Circ Du Sole tent in the West End. The West end is located on the far side of Disney Springs Market Place. This venue is located on the water, so you have access to several areas of seating. This location certainly answered the question, Where to eat at Disney Springs. The House of Blues offers you fantastic food and drinks for an affordable price and good-sized portions. The food is made from high quality ingredients, and the drinks are healthy, some of the strongest we've had in Disney Springs. This Best Disney Springs Restaurant surprised us on every level of our experience. So Let's take a closer look.

Now, to get started, this best Disney Springs Restaurant is so much more. The House of Blues is also a Disney Springs Bar and a Concert Venue. You can get your alcoholic drinks and specialty drinks at the Disney Springs Bar location to sip outside on the patio or by the water. One note is that The House of Blue drinks is excellent sized and robust. They don't cheap out on the alcohol, so they are worth the Disney Springs Bar pricing. Not cheat, but you get what you pay for in your libation.

Now, The House of Blues also offers you a concert venue. Here, you will find a variety of bands and concerts. They all take place inside this location, which is located next to their Best Disney Springs Restaurant. At the time of this article, this part of The House of Blues was yet to reopen based on the reopening phases of Disney Springs.

Let's answer the next question, Where to Eat at Disney Springs House of Blues? You have three options. First, you can get appetizers at the bar. The next choice is the take-out Barbeque Window at the House of Blues. This quick-serve location has not yet reopened.

Finally, the last choice answers the question of Where to eat at Disney Springs? I mean to say the dining room of the House of Blues. Here you can sit and get fantastic food and listen to live performers on the small stage in the room's center. This Best Place To Eat at Disney Springs dining room also boast a full bar to ensure that your specialty beverages are taken care of with care and quality.

We had drinks and food during our visit, so let's run through the list and see if we can entice you to experience Where to Eat In Disney Springs.

First up, we had three drinks to start us on the correct path for the night. The Crossroads Cadillac Margarita was my choice. This Margarite is made with Don Julio Blanco tequila, triple sec, sweet and sour mix, and it is all topped with a mini bottle of Grand Marnier. This drink is so strong it is limited to one per customer. The small bottle of Grand Marnier was the perfect floater and made for ideal dinner drinks.

Next, we had the Beast of Bourbon for $13. Well priced for this size drink, this treat is made with Knob Creek bourbon, maple syrup, chocolate bitters, and orange garnish made another perfect choice. If you're a Bourbon fan, then this whiskey drink is for you, and at just $13, it is a fantastic value.

Our final amazing drink of the night was the Strawberry Fields. This drink is a Captain Morgan spiced rum drink with Disaronno amaretto, strawberry, passion fruit, mint, and lime to garnish. This smooth and sweet drink was a favorite at the table and was priced at just $12.

In The end, all three of the drinks were terrific. They were all worth the pricing, and the sizes were all very modest. The favorite cold drink at the table was the Strawberry Fields, and the most potent drink was the Margarita.

Now, the food was also fabulous. We chose three entries. First up was the Southern Tacos for $16. I decided to get these tacos with brisket, which is cubed and served in the corn tortillas with cotija cheese, red pickled onions, slaw, and cilantro crema. There were three on the tray, and at the price of $16, they were well worth the price. The brisket flavor was deep, and the brisket was tender and fell apart in my mouth. This location was a perfect entry for a quick bite, especially if you want something light and flavorful.

The next choice at the table was the Cajun Chicken Pasta for $21. All I can see here is what a plate of chicken pasta for just $21. The entire table tried this dish, and all loved it. The dish is a fantastic collection of bowtie pasta, cajun cream sauce, andouille sausage, and blackened chicken. It was garnished with red onions, bell peppers, basil, and Parmesan Cheese. While the barbecue ribs were excellent, this pasta was the tables favorite.

Finally, we had a full rack of ribs, and I mean Baby Back Ribs baby. This whole rack came with slaw, BBQ beans, and jalapeño-cheese cornbread. These ribs were top-notch and the best in any of the best Disney Springs Restaurants. This full rack that will fill you and your party members up for the evening will only cost you $21.00. Great price for great ribs.

After this dining experience, we had no room for dessert, unfortunately, as they had a couple of items on the menu that certainly would have been amazing. They have a skillet cookie, key lime pie, and bread pudding. While we didn't get to try these, we did see first-hand how amazing all of these options looked.

In the end, we've eaten at almost every venue at Disney Springs, and the House of Blues has earned a spot on our return list. They are joined by Disney Springs Restaurants like The Boathouse, Raglan Road, The Edison, and Paradiso 37. As you can see, this is a very diverse list, but all these venues have fantastic food and affordable pricing on their menus.

The House of Blues particular is the top for Southern Barbeque in Disney Springs, and

in my opinion, all of Walt Disney World Dining. So, next time you are looking for a great, fun, and filling place to eat in Disney Springs, The House of Blues should be at the top of your list. Also, because Cir Du Soli is not currently open, and the NBA Experience has closed, This Disney Springs Restaurant is usually a great bet to get a reservation.

We are Theme Park Fantasy and we've tried to give you some tips on the Best Places to Eat at Disney Springs. We have many more reviews and recommendations available for you to review on our website at www.themeparkfantasy.com. Head on over and see how we can help you make the best decisions for your Walt Disney World Vacation. Disney Parks, Resorts, or Disney Springs, we have the experience and want to share it with you.

-House of Blues Restaurant & Bar-

-Dinner Menu-

-Disney Springs, West Side-

-Special and Unique Dining-


-BBQ Brisket Nachos-

-slow-smoked BBQ brisket, house-cut tortilla chips, aged cheddar, -avocado, roasted corn salsa, red onion, cotija cheese-$15.00

-Voodoo Shrimp-

-sautéed shrimp in an- Abita Amber beer reduction sauce- served over jalapeño-cheese cornbread $16.00-

-HOB Wings-

-over a pound of wings - choose your -style - Texas BBQ (crispy onion, cilantro, ranch dressing) / Nashville-style- (dill pickle chips, blue cheese dressing) / Buffalo- (slaw, shaved habañero, blue cheese dressing)-$13.00

-Loaded Mac & Cheese-

-choose a style - Chicken Tenders with- Buffalo sauce and -blue cheese crumble or Brisket with Texas BBQ sauce and crispy onion-$12.00

-Carolina Mess-

-extra-crispy fries topped with pulled pork, -pickled jalapeños, -aged cheddar cheese, and brown gravy-



-andouille sausage, chicken, "trinity" -(onion, bell peppers, and celery) and cajun rice-$8.00


-BBQ Chicken-

-Memphis sweet BBQ sauce, mozzarella and gouda, cilantro, -smoked pulled chicken, cilantro crema, pickled red onion-$16.00


-roasted garlic, mozzarella, balsamic tomato, basil, and feta-$15.00

-Smoke Shack-

-pulled pork, brisket, southern red sauce, andouille sausage, -bacon, cheddar, gouda, and mozzarella cheeses-$16.00


-Southern Salad-

-mixed field greens, shaved apple, fennel, white cheddar, and- toasted pecans, with champagne vinaigrette-$9.00

-Wedge Salad-

-romaine lettuce wedge, crumbled bacon, chives, cherry tomatoes -and toasted breadcrumbs, with blue cheese dressing-$12.00

-Steak Salad-

-USDA Prime steak, mixed field greens, cherry tomatoes, -toasted almonds, blue cheese crumbles, red onion, cucumber, balsamic vinaigrette-$20.00

-Cobb Salad-

-chopped romaine lettuce, pulled smoked chicken, egg, -crumbled bacon, chives, tomatoes, sweet corn, and toasted breadcrumbs with blue cheese dressing-$17.00

-BBQ Chicken Salad-

-pulled smoked chicken, romaine, shredded cabbage, black beans,- corn and tomato, with crispy onions and BBQ ranch dressing-$15.00

-Add USDA Prime Steak to your Salad-$12.00

-Add Chicken Breast to your Salad-$7.00

-Add Cajun Shrimp to your Salad-$6.00

-Add Salmon to your Salad-$10.00

-Make your Salad Impossible™-$7.00

-Add Avocado to your Salad-$1.00


-Add a Cup of Gumbo, Side Caesar, or -Southern Salad to your Entrée-$5.00

-Shrimp and Grits-

-our riff on the classic. sautéed shrimp in chipotle cream sauce- with chives, on a crispy cotija cheese grit cake-$21.00


-sautéed chicken, andouille sausage, and "holy trinity" -(onion, bell peppers, and celery) in stewed rice. add cajun shrimp -$20.00

-Blackened Salmon-

-Blackened or grilled, andouille reduction, creamed corn-$25.00

-Baby Back Ribs - Whole Rack-

-BBQ beans, slaw, jalapeño-cheese cornbread-$30.00

-Baby Back Ribs - Half Rack-

-BBQ beans, slaw, jalapeño-cheese cornbread-$20.00

-Fried Chicken-

-a crisp, golden quarter bird -served with our bourbon butter, -slaw, and roasted garlic mashed potatoes-


-New York Strip-

-Signature Blues rub crust, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, -crispy Brussels sprouts, balsamic reduction-


-Cajun Chicken Pasta-

-bowtie pasta, cajun cream sauce, blackened chicken and -andouille sausage, bell peppers, red onion, basil, Parmesan-$21.00

-Sandwiches and Burgers-

-Impossible™ Burger-

-built 100% vegan - Impossible™ burger patty,- American cheese, -shredded lettuce, secret sauce, and dill pickle chips served with French fries-$17.00

-Juicy Lucy-

-beef-and-bacon grind stuffed with provolone cheese and -topped with crispy jalapeños, roasted tomatoes, chipotle aïoli, and -Texas BBQ sauce served with French fries-$18.00

-HOB Smash Burger-

-double patty, American cheese, brioche bun, shredded lettuce, -tomato, aioli, red onion, dill pickle chips, and served with French fries-$16.00

-BBQ Bacon Burger-

-topped with aged cheddar cheese, candied applewood bacon, -crispy onion, charred onion aïoli, and Texas BBQ sauce served with French fries-$17.00

-Pulled Pork Sandwich-

-on a brioche bun with- Carolina BBQ sauce and -slaw served with French fries-$16.00

-Smoked Brisket Sandwich-

-on a brioche bun with Texas BBQ sauce, -and slaw served with French fries-$17.00

-Shrimp Po'Boy-

-fried cajun shrimp dressed with seasoned mayo, -lettuce, dill pickle chips, and tomatoes on French bread served with French fries-$17.00

-The Yardbird-

-bourbon-butter-brushed fried chicken breast with slaw,- buffalo aïoli, and dill pickle chips (available simply grilled) served with French fries-$17.00

-Fried Catfish Sandwich-

-cornmeal-crusted catfish, rémoulade slaw,- dill pickle chips, Buffalo aïoli, brioche bun -(available blackened) served with French fries-$17.00

-The Smokehouse-

-Smokehouse with One Protein (excluding ribs)-

-All smokehouse platters are served with BBQ beans, -southern street corn, dill pickle chips, -jalapeño-cheese cornbread, slaw, and -three unique house-made BBQ sauces. -Choose one protein - Pulled Pork / Chicken- (half bird) / -Brisket / Andouille Sausage-$22.00

-Smokehouse with Two Proteins-

-All smokehouse platters are served with BBQ beans, -southern street corn, dill pickle chips, jalapeño---cheese cornbread, slaw, and -three unique house-made BBQ sauces. Choose two proteins: Pulled Pork / -Chicken (half bird) / Brisket / Half Rack Baby Back Ribs / Andouille Sausage-$32.00

-Smokehouse with Three Proteins-

-All smokehouse platters are served -with BBQ beans, southern street corn, -dill pickle chips, jalapeño-cheese cornbread, -slaw, and three unique house-made BBQ sauces. Choose -three proteins: Pulled Pork / Chicken (half bird) / -Brisket / Half Rack Baby Back Ribs / Andouille Sausage-$42.00

-Southern Tacos-


-chopped brisket, topped with cotija cheese,- slaw, pickled red onion, -and cilantro crema with corn tortillas-$16.00


-Cajun shrimp, avocado salsa, rémoulade,- and slaw with corn tortillas-$16.00


-seasoned Impossible™ grind, cilantro crema, roasted corn salsa, -cotija cheese, and pickled onion with -corn tortillas-$16.00


-Jalapeño Cornbread-$10.00

-Crispy Brussels Sprouts-$6.00

-Southern Street Corn-$6.00

-Mac & Cheese Skillet-$8.00


-Key Lime Pie-$7.00

-Bread Pudding-$8.00

-Skillet Cookie-$9.00

-Kids' Meals-

-Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza-

-served with a side of fresh fruit- and choice of milk or juice-$8.99

-Chicken Tenders-

-served with a side of fresh fruit -and choice of milk or juice-$8.99

-Mini Cheeseburgers-

-served with a side of fresh fruit -and choice of milk or juice-$8.99

-Grilled Cheese-

-served with a side of fresh fruit- and choice of milk or juice-$8.99

-Hot Dog-

-served with a side of fresh fruit- and choice of milk or juice-$8.99

-Mac & Cheese-

-served with a side of fresh fruit -and choice of milk or juice-$8.99

-Pasta with Housemade Marinara-

-served with a side of fresh fruit- and choice of milk or juice-$8.99


-Iced Tea or Lemonade-$4.00

-Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks-$4.00


-Numi Premium Organic Hot Teas-$4.00

-Dasani Bottled Water 20 oz.-$4.00

-San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 20 oz.-$5.00

-Energy Drink-$5.00


-Beast of Bourbon-

-Knob Creek bourbon, maple syrup, chocolate bitters, orange-Serving-$13.00


-Bourbons and liqueurs aged right here in -American oak barrels. Please ask us about our current-offering-Serving-$15.00

-Frisky Whiskey-

-Woodford Reserve bourbon, Luxardo Sangue Morlacco, -lemon, orange, simple syrup-Serving-$13.00

-South of Manhattan-

-Russell's bourbon & rye, Luxardo Sangue Morlacco, -1757 sweet vermouth, Peychaud's bitters, Luxardo cherry, lemon-Serving-$15.00

-Jameson Margarita-

-Jameson Irish whiskey, Cointreau, -house-made sweet and sour-Serving-$14.00

-Crossroads Cadillac Margarita-

-Don Julio Blanco tequila, triple sec, -sweet and sour, topped with a -mini bottle of Grand Marnier (Limit one per guest)-Serving-$15.00

-Electric Rodeo-

-Sauza silver tequila, -Ancho Reyes Verde Chile Poblano liqueur, -agave, lime, topped with Orange Edition Red Bull-Serving-$13.00

-Casamigos Paloma-

-Casamigos blanco tequila, grapefruit, -lime, sugar, ginger, mint-Serving-$14.00

-Strawberry Fields-

-Captain Morgan spiced rum, Disaronno amaretto, -strawberry, passion fruit, mint, lime-Serving-$12.00

-Havana Twist Mojito-

-Havana Club 3-year Blanco rum, simple syrup, -mint, raspberry, blackberry, lime-Serving-$12.00

-Rock Me Hurricane-

-Cruzan white and spiced rums, orange, -lime, passion fruit, pomegranate, Myers's dark rum-Serving-$14.00

-All Night Long-

-Hendrick's gin, Cointreau, raspberry, -lemon, mint, simple syrup-Serving-$13.00

-Hound Dog Mule-

-Basic vodka, watermelon, lime, -Fever Tree ginger beer-Serving-$12.00

-Black & Blues Vodka Smash-

-Ketel One and Ketel One Botanical -Cucumber and Mint vodka,- cucumber, blackberry, lemon, simple syrup-Serving-$12.00

-Memphis Blues Sangria-

-red wine, brandy, fresh fruits, and juices- Glass-$10.00, -Pitcher-$34.00