Where can you get an up-close view of The Beast from Beauty and The Beast?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020


Where can you get an up-close view of The Beast from Beauty and The Beast?

The Enchanted BEAUTY & THE BEAST CASTEL from the animated Beauty and the beast film and the Live-Action Film has now been brought to life. With the brilliant minds of DISNEYS EMAGINEERS, this magical fantasy has been realized for you in every way that is possible. You can now meet the real-life Beast in his castle while you dine in one of the enchanted rooms from the motion pictures. The BEAUTY & BEAST CASTEL is located in the famous WALT DISNEY WORLD MAGIC KINGDOM, where the magic lives.

Not only can you view the Beast up close, but YOU are also transformed into the STORYBOOK where you can dine at this themed dining table service. You must have a Be Our Guest Reservation for this fine dining experience. Your BE, OUR GUEST RESTAURANT Reservation, will allow you to sit in any of the three dining rooms and provide you with the locations prix fixe menu.

Keep in mind that you will still need to have a park reservation to the MAGIC KINGDOM PARK as you Be Our Guest Reservation will not gain you entrance to the park, just this Magic Kingdom dining venue. However, once into the Magic Kingdom and at the venue, the formal wear is casual. From this point, the choice is yours. If you would like to dress up, you may, but it is not mandatory. The price of this magical experience filled with gargoyles and armored soldiers is $62.00 a person—beverages of soda, beer, and wine cost extra. THE TAX AND GRATUITY are NOT INCLUDED.

When you take your magical journey into this realm at this Magic Kingdom Dining Location, you are checked in at the gate of the BEAST CASTLE. Then you are walked across the stone bridge to the entrance of this Magic Kingdom Restaurant venue. Once inside this Best Places to Eat In Magic Kingdom, you will be seated in one of three beautiful rooms. You can request which room at this Magic Kingdom Dining experience. However, this choice is not guaranteed.

*THE GRAND BALLROOM- This room is the MAGNIFICENT BALLROOM with high it's high vaulted ceiling, with hand-painted cherub angels floating in the clouds. This themed Magic Kingdom Dining Room also has shimmering lights from the stunning chandeliers. You are emersed by the French style tables and chairs that are decorated with rich colors. AS you are enveloped in this splendor, you are looking out the castle windows and watching the snowfall, "in the middle of FLORIDA." IT'S A stunning room and one of the best places to eat in Magic Kingdom, Disney.

*THE WEST WING- You will remember the mysterious west wing with its darker tones and drapes that hang in trying to hide the mysterious RED ROSE. Watch the Rose as it is an animated item, and you can see the petal fall off. This room is dark, very dark as well as themed. It boasts ripped furniture and pictures to make you feel as though you are in the movie.

*THE CASTLE GALLERY- This room is BELLS LIBRARY. THE walls are adorned with massive pictures from the BEAUTY & THE BEAST MOVIE. IN the center of this room is a larger than life figure of the main charters whose inspiration this restaurant is from is no other than BELL and the BEAST dancing.

THE TABLE-SERVICE is a LUNCH and or DINNER experience. This offering is a 3-course menu that features FRENCH-INSPIRED dishes that will melt your pallet. The Be Our Guest Dinner Menu is a prix fixe menu where you choose your starter, entree, and dessert. This Be Our Guest Dinner Menu format is becoming more popular throughout Disney World, especially when considering the effects of COVID on the Parks and Dining.

You will begin your exquisite meal with your choice of an APPETIZER.








You will then choose your dessert to top of the end of this enchanting evening. These desserts vary, and most of the time, the dessert plates are a combination sample of three or more pre-arranged choices.

GUEST under the age of 9 years old or younger is given a choice to create their own.

THE APPETIZER includes a choice of:








DESERTS FOR CHILDREN consist of: SEASONAL FRUIT served with yogurt dip.


All kids' meals come with the choice of whole milk, or bottled water, or apple juice.

The children's price is $37.00. TAX AND GRATUITY are NOT INCLUDED.

The cast members' customs enhance the atmosphere. Your entree is brought in each set of courses. You are greeted by a cast member who takes you along the red carpet that travels throw the castle doors past the two enormous gargoyles guarding the enchanting doors into the famous grand ballroom. The entrances on your left will take you into the west wing sitting room or the right side of the grand ballroom from the center of the grand ballroom. This entrance flows into Bell's gallery.

You are seated in one of these castle rooms at one of the French-styled tables and chairs. Then you are greeted at your table by you sever dressed in the costume of the castle staff, as illustrated in the animated movie. Your order is taken at the table. You make your selection from the three choice chores list. Your first course is delivered to you on a rollaway table covered with a glass top to keep your food hot. It's a lot of fun to see them pass by in the rollaway tables, going to different tables—this movement heightens the senses. Then your course arrives at your table, and the server lifts the glass rollaway top to serve you your hot meal.

So, for my appetizer, I ordered the famous French onion soup. This soup is fabulous. It is delivered in a hot crock container with deep onion dark, savory onions in broth with French bread, and creamy cheese melted on the top. The flavor is fantastic.

For my second course, I ordered the filet mignon steak well done, and yes, I know this is not proper. However, the chefs at Disney are always very flexible and butterflied with the filet to be done with the rest of the table's meals. When it arrived, it was perfectly served and very savory. This entre is also delivered in the enclosed glass roll away cart, so very fancy it's like being treated like royalty. Remember, we are sitting in the middle of the Beast's castle in the middle of Florida. Watching the snowfall outside the windows is unbelievable.

For my third course, I order the grey stuff, because I had to. After all, it's from the movie. Once again, the deserts are delivered in the fashion of the gold rollaway cart right to your table. The grey stuff is assembled in its container that is made of edible chocolate; it is fantastic. Rich, Creamy, and Smooth, You do need to try the grey stuff.

Throughout your evening in this Magic Kingdom Restaurants option, you will have the honor of the ENCHANTING BEAST gracing you with his presence as he walks around and surveys his castle. This location is a truly enchanting experience that I would highly recommend for you and your family to experience.

While the cost of this Magic Kingdom Restaurants venue is by no means inexpensive, you are dining in the Beast's Castle. This dining experience is one of a kind and is a standout location. This Magic Kingdom Restaurants is One of the Best Places to Eat At Magic Kingdom when you take into account the theming presentation and pricing. Yes, it is a bit on the pricy side, but you will be amazed at the final result.

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