Where Is The Best Food At Magic Kingdom?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I love eating at Walt Disney World, but sometimes it can be very difficult to figure out where the best food is, so I thought I would make this list to help with that.

What are the best places to get food in the magic kingdom?

  • Skippers Canteen

  • The Plaza

  • Liberty Tree Tavern

  • Columbia Harbor House

  • Casey's Corner

  • Sunshine Tree Terrace

  • Aloha Isle

  • Storybook Treats

  • Liberty Square Market

  • Egg Roll Cart

This list covers many available eateries, but each one fits a different need depending on your party bin vacation. Do you love ice cream so much that you need it your first day into the park? Do you want single plate meals or do you prefer family-style for the whole party? All these questions and more will be answered in this article to help you have the best vacation that you can.

Skippers Canteen

Skippers Canteen is by far and away one of my favorite restaurants at the magic kingdom, if not my favorite. The food on offer here is different than that of the other offerings in the kingdom, which helps it stand out among the crowd. The restaurant is themed to the jungle cruise attraction, and because of this, the restaurant has a lot of decorations specific to adventure land and that attraction in particular. The staff is also really entertaining here, so it is really easy to relax and have a good time.

For the food, I highly recommend the Orinoco Ida Chapas, which are delicious corn pancakes that are topped with corn, Guacamole, and pork. For entrees, I think that the two best items that I have tried so far are the Hardy Har Char pork chop and the Perkins Tai Noodles. The pork chop is a bone out pork cutlet that melts in your mouth with a tangy bbq sauce. The Thai Noodles are a spicy noodle dish that comes with tofu or chicken and shredded vegetable.

There is not very much in the way of drinks when it comes to this restaurant because it only has beer and wine on offer. For non-alcoholic barges, there are two that are worth your time. The Dr. Sweichzer Slush is an apple juice slushy mixed with passion fruit, including apple boba balls. The other drink is the punch line punch. This drink is a mix of peach puree and tropical juices. I recommend getting the spiced rim for some extra spice that adds a unique flavor to the drink with this drink. There is also a variety of soft drinks and coffee available for your meal.

When you are done with the entrees, there is also a good dessert menu to view if you still have any room left. The best of these is the kungaloosh, a chocolate cake with caramel bananas and caramel and cashew ice cream. It is a really good dessert if you have a sweet tooth.

I always recommend skippers canteen for those with an adventurous palate and for those looking for something a little different, from the great food to the corny jokes and fun staff—this a great place to get food in the magic kingdom.

To see the menu click here.

The Plaza

The plaza is a cool restaurant where you can eat casual American fare in a 1920's style restaurant. There is a good-sized menu here, but the restaurant's real draw is the bottomless shakes that are made with ice cream from the ice cream parlor next door. This is a cool restaurant but let highlight a few of the things that make me recommend it to you if you are going to be eating in the magic kingdom anytime soon.

The food is a nice variety of American fare that isn't complicated, but its strong flavor doesn't need to be. I can say that I recommend almost everything on this menu, but a few stand out above the rest. The Philly cheesesteak sandwich is one of the best that I have had in Florida, and the plaza club makes a great lunch option. If your there for dinner, go ahead and grab either the Mac and cheese with brisket or the meatloaf. Either one is great for dinner.

There isn't much here for appetizers, but the one that I often get is the plaza loaded fries. These fries are loaded with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and bacon. To top it all off, the fries are lightly drizzled with ranch dressing.

I don't usually get dessert at the plaza because the food is filling, and I also get their bottomless shake. You can ask what flavors they have. You can get that shake refilled as many times as you like with no extra charge. Truly I don't think I've ever gotten past two shakes, but why don't you try and beat that record. The shakes are also topped with whip cream and cherries, which is a nice bonus.

The inside of the plaza is themed to fit on main street USA, so the servers wear period uniforms, and the inside has a lot of glass rich architecture. One of the best features is that the main street streetmoshpere performers will sometimes come into the plaza. There is no schedule for this, but I have seen both the town mayor and some of the other characters appear, and it was a unique experience.

The plaza is always a good choice if you are looking for a low-key restaurant to sit back and relax while having some great food. Depending on where you are in the restaurant you might be able to see Cinderella's castle.

To see the menu click here.

Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern is located in liberty square close to the haunted mansion, making a good location to eat before or after you get to spend some time with the silly spooks. The restaurant is themed to colonial America with a lot of oak and brick being used. The restaurant currently serves a family-style be worth the price and time to get into the restaurant.

The current offering from the liberty tree tavern is a patriots platter that is a family-style meal. This means that the meal consists of preselected choices that are brought out on platters. These platters can be refilled as many times as you want for whatever item that you want. This platter's price is the same for all adults in the party and children have their rates. For adults, it was $39.00, and for children, it was $21.00.

The platters themselves are very much like a thanksgiving meal. You have all the fixings that you would expect from somewhere like this. You have stuffing and Mac and cheese for side dishes along with mashed potatoes and vegetables. For the main meats, you have turkey, pot roast, and pork. I love this meal and thought that it was really tasty the last time that I went there.

For an appetizer, there is a refillable salad that comes with a nice dressing. The dressing is sweet and tangy, while the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. There were also rolls served before the meal that came with soft butter and was warm to the touch. These were good to have both during the meal and before.

One has finally approached full go ahead and stop because dessert is also included in this meal. The ooogey toffee cake is one of the best desserts that I have had in the magic kingdom, and it is worth the weight. The dessert consists of a vanilla toffee cake that is drizzled in a chocolate sauce and is served with vanilla ice cream. The dessert is a sweet treat, and the ice cream makes it easy to cool down on those warm Florida days when you are in the parks.

Liberty Tree is a great place to go if you are looking to eat a lot of food for a very affordable price in the magic kingdom.

To see the menu click here.

Columbia Harbor House

Columbia Harbor House is the first on this list to be a quick service, but it is a very good quick service. While most restaurants in this category usually serve burgers and fries with maybe a salad, the harbor House's food is different. Here you will find seafood for your meal options prepared in a variety of ways. It is also nice that the restaurant is themed to this because it is styled like an old seaside tavern in the colonial northeastern united states.

The food on offer here is really good seafood and reasonably priced compared to some of the other seafood you can get in the parks. The most common things to order here are the fried platters. The platters usually consist of shrimp, chicken, and fish or just shrimp and chicken. These are good sized platters that don't just fill the plate with fries as there is a good amount of shrimp, chicken, and fish on these no matter which one you get. The chicken comes as nuggets as well, so don worry about a huge chicken breast that you won't be able to finish. The plates aren't soaked in oil either, which is always a concern for fried food.

Beyond this, there are other food items here that are worth getting as well. The clam chowder is good and makes a nice side or snack on its own. The chowder is thick, though, so don't go expecting a simple soup if you order this item. They also have a tuna sandwich that occasionally pops up on the menu and makes a light and refreshing lunch option for those who aren't looking for a heavy meal.

I would recommend the Columbia Harbor House to anyone looking for a quick and easy meal that didn't consist solely of burgers.

To see the menu click here.

Casey's Corner

Casey's Corner is a quick-serve located at the end of main street USA next to the emporium. Themed to baseball from the 1920s, this quick-serve does one thing: only hot dogs. Whether it is regular hot dogs or foot-long hot dogs, there is no shortage of sausages available at this restaurant. This makes it a great stop for lunch, heading into the park, or grabbing something on your way out.

The hot dogs are quality all-beef hot dogs, and you can test the difference whenever you get one. Aside from the standard-sized hot dog, there is also a foot-long hot dog that is a real footlong, and it is massive in diameter to boot. There is a fixing bar with all of the stuff that you could want to put on your hot dog ranging from onions and mustard to ketchup if that is your thing.

Even further than these options are the specialty hot dogs, you will find available at Casey's Corner. Some of these are special hot dogs of the month that will change each month and offer various flavors depending on their use. Two hot dogs that are still listed on the menu when writing this article are the chili cheese dog and the bacon Mac and cheese dog.

The chili cheese dog is easy enough to explain as it is either a standard dog or a foot long, and then chili and cheese are added on top. The chili has a nice flavor that pairs well with the hot dog, and the cheese just brings it all together.

The Mac and cheese dog is a really tasty if odd addition to the menu. Much like the chili dog, you can choose either a standard-sized hot dog or a foot long, and then Mac and cheese are added to the top, and the whole thing is sprinkled with bacon. The Mac and cheese are thick with good flavor, and the bacon adds a salty taste that will leave you wanting more.

There is almost always a frozen drink on hand here as well, if you don't feel like getting one of the standard soft drinks. There are also a few dessert options here, but the best is the brownie that will often have a seasonal design depending on the time of year you go.

Casey's Corner is one of the easiest quicks serves to get in and out of in the magic kingdom, in addition to having some of the best hot dogs in Disney world as a whole. Because of all of this, I highly recommend you go ahead and stop by Casey's if you love hot dogs and need a quick bite.

To see the menu click here.

Sunshine tree terrace

Sunshine tree terrace is an ice cream snack location in adventure land. The location offers guests in the park both ice cream as a snack and orange dole. The location makes it good to look for a quick snack to cool down on a hot day, whether you are entering or leaving adventure land.

When it comes to your snack options, you have a few options available. You can get cups of ice cream from the sunshine tree terrace. The ice cream comes in three different flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and swirl. There is also orange dole available at this location, like regular dole whip but orange flavored instead of pineapple. One of these locations' staples is the citrus swirl, where they will mix the orange dole and the vanilla ice cream, and it comes in a cup.

In addition to the cups, there are also floats available at this location. The floats are a combination of any soda you choose in the location and any of the above flavors. This is one of the few locations that offer floats in the magic kingdom and is always a nice treat.

This location also often has specialty ice creams and floats for the holiday season. At Halloween time, they had a specialty float called red's revenge, which was inspired by the redesign of the pirates of the Caribbean. At Christmas time, the Terrace featured gingerbread-style ice cream. These are just a few examples of the types of holiday treats you can get at this location around the kingdom season.

So if you are looking for some ice cream in the magic kingdom, then Sunshine Tree Terrace is a great choice for you.

To see the menu click here.

Aloha isle

Aloha isle is the primary location for both the magic kingdom and Walt Disney World property, with the only other being located at the Polynesian resort. Here you will find both regular pineapple dole whip and any other select flavors that they happen to have on hand. The location makes this a great spot to stop off if you are heading through adventure land.

Located behind Aladin's flying carpets and next to the exit for the tiki room, the location is perfecting when you are getting off these rides or heading over to frontier land. The location is themed, similar to the tiki room with dark woods and a thatch roof. The design of the location is open with multiple counters and even a section for mobile orders.

The menu here is fairly simple as the entire basis for this location is dole whip. The common dole whip you will find here is the pineapple kind, which has become a staple for Disney resorts. The other common product that you can find here is the vanilla dole, which is like vanilla ice cream. You can get just one of these in a cup, or you can get a swirl.

You can also find specialty items here either for holidays or for special events in the magic kingdom. One of the best ones that we have had in the past was a Hei Hei cone that had a regular dole whip and a raspberry dole whip. This dole whip had a nice tart flavor that worked well with the rest of the cone. Aloha Isle has specialty items like this often, especially during the holidays. So be sure to see what the current specialty item is when you go.

If you are looking to indulge in a Disney tradition that hundreds of thousands of park-goers have, then stop on by Aloha Isle on your trip.

To see the menu click here.

Storybook Treats

Storybook Treats is another snack location that you can find in the magic location, and it specializes in ice cream. A good location on the path from fantasy land to the future world is located right next to the friar's nook. This makes this an extremely popular place to stop by and get deserts whether you are coming from another restaurant or the quick-serve next door.

The ice cream here is vanilla, chocolate, and swirl as standard, and while you can get it in a cup, the best way to order at this location is the Sundays. There is a hot fudge sundae that you can order as well as a strawberry sundae. These Sundays also come with whip cream. While not available right now, this location used to have a brownie sundae that was excellent and a cookie sundae that was just as good.

Like many other locations in the magic kingdom, Storybook Treats had rotating ice creams available for different times of the year. These were usually a specialty flavor for a month or two, like when they had the Petter Pan, and Maleficent floats. They are not currently running one for the time being, but I say that I am excited for the days that these specialties will be returning.

Storybook Treats is one of the best places to get dessert in the magic kingdom and is one that I highly recommend if the restaurant you ate at didn't have a good dessert selection.

To see the menu click here.

Liberty Square market

Liberty square market is one of the best snack locations if you are looking for a quick bite of good food in the magic kingdom. With a prime location in the center of liberty square that is located on the path between the hub between Cinderella's Castle and fantasy land. This marketplace offers a variety of snacks that will keep you going in the park without overstuffing you.

The food located in the Liberty Square Market is diverse for a Disney snack location. You can buy a turkey leg here with chips or without. You can also purchase a mickey pretzel here with or without cheese sauce if you would like. Several fruits and vegetable platters are offered at this market if you are looking for a healthier option.

Liberty Square market is a nice stop for a quick snack in the magic kingdom, especially if you would like various options.

To see the menu click here.

Egg roll cart

The egg roll cart is located by the entrance to adventure land by the crystal palace. The cart has cheeseburger egg rolls available, and if I may say, I think they are some of the best food. The egg rolls are loaded with hamburger, cheese, onions, pickles, mustard, and ketchup. This makes these a savory treat at the park.

They are also other egg rolls available at that change over time. These egg rolls are unique flavors such as pepperoni or Philly cheesesteak. I have the Philly steak egg roll myself and found it to be a great snack filled with the needed materials. These egg rolls change out and won't always is available so if you see a specialty one that you like, be sure to grab it.

Overall I recommend the cheeseburger egg roll cart as a fun snack option that offers something different from the other snacks in the park.

There is no shortage of great food that you can get in the Magic Kingdom park. Suppose you want more theme park travel advice, then feel free to look around the site. We have articles on everything thing from which theme park restaurants are the best to the best ways to plan a vacation.

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