Why Do You Need To Use Fast-pass At Walt Disney World?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Riding the attractions is one of the staples of coming to Walt Disney World, and while the Fastpass is going to be very different after 2020, it will still be one important aspect of your trip.

So why do you need a fast-pass in Disney world? Fastness lets your reserve up to three rides in one day, cutting much of the time you spend waiting in line. While it doesn't get you right to the front, you will often shave a half-hour to an hour off each of your ride wait times?

The thing about fast-pass is that it is a tool for your location, but it is not always the best explained. How do I use a fast pass? How does fast-pass help my day? What is the maximum number of fast passes that I can have in the same day? Which rides should I book with a fast pass? Is a fast pass available for all rides in Walt Disney World? These are all really good questions, and I will try and answer each of these and a few more that you may have about fast-pass.

The basics of fast-pass in Disney World

The basics of fast-pass are that it is a reservation system that allows you to book rides at certain times. The advantage of this is that you reduce your wait time in lines and do other things while you wait for the allotted time. Many people use this to either ride an attraction with a short wait time or to go shopping in one of the stores. If you have a fast pass that I an hour and a half away, then many people will often have a meal while they wait as there is enough time to do so.

It is worth noting that fast-pass does not let you jump immediately to the front of the line. Instead, it just puts you in a much shorter line with a greatly reduced wait time as the effect. It is still a really useful tool. Just keep it in mind when planning your day.

The exact number of rides that you can book at the begging of your day is three. After the three are used up over your day at the park, you will be able to book another fast pass, and once that one is used, I believe you can book another. I think that the max that you could get out of this would be five fast passes in total before the parks close. That is not a bad number if you are looking to ride a lot of attractions in one day.

There is also a tier system for the fast-pass service based on the park that you are in. For example, in the Magic Kingdom, there were no tiers, and you could book any three rides that you wanted for that day. In Epcot, though, the test track and Soarin were in the same tier, so you could not book them both for the same day. This is also the case in both animal kingdom and Hollywood studios, so you will have to be strategic in your choices for rides and times for the day. If you can be strategic, there will be a big advantage in securing great rides for your day.

For the most part, rides in Walt Disney World can be fast-passed with only a few exceptions. Things like the train in Disney springs, for example, are not a fast-passable attraction. An attraction that was not fast-passable even when it opened was Star Wars Rise of The Resistance. Barring these few exceptions in mind, almost every major ride at Walt Disney World can be fast-passed while you are on vacation.

These are the basic components of fast-pass and help figure out how to use it for your vacation. Now, let's move, and I will tell you what I think the best rides to fast-pass are on your trip.

What rides should I fast-pass in Disney World

You can fast-pass whatever rides you want for your vacation, but there are some that fast-pass will either help you get on at all or just avoid an extreme wait time. These rides are spread across all four parks and vary in theming from star wars to movies to Disney originals. Let's go ahead and start looking at what rides you should fast-pass in Disney world with that thought in mind.

Magic kingdom

If you are heading to the magic kingdom, then these are the rides that you will want to fast pass.

Jungle cruise

Jungle Cruise is an original Disney attraction where you sail through the rivers of the world's unexplored jungles. This is often a popular ride with a weight time up to an hour on some busier days. When you are going to want to fast-pass, this is when it gets its seasonal overhaul into the jingle cruise. This is when the weight time will constantly be an hour and a half minimum.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates is not a ride with a long weight time on most occasions, but there are a few times that the attraction will be very busy. With this in mind, it can be a good idea to fast-pass the attraction if you have your heart set on the heart set on doing the Disney classic on your trip.

haunted mansion

Haunted Mansion is one of the premier classic Disney attractions, and its popularity has only grown over the years. The lines for this attraction got so long that they put in a whole new quest system to support the number of people coming to the ride. Even with that, this ride can get up to fifty minute wait times, so I think that it would be a good idea to fast pass this ride if you can.

Splash mountain

Splash Mountain is a fan favorite Disney ride with a lot of thrill with the bonus of getting wet to cool off from the hot Florida days. The ride can run an hour wait time on most days and is usually worth the fast-pass because of how much time it usually shaves compared to the stand by line.

Space mountain

Space mountain often has a weight time of an hour for its fast-paced thrill, so if you are looking to ride the roller coaster, then a fast-pass is a good idea for this attraction.

Seven dwarfs mine coaster

This I the ride with one of the longest wait times in the park, only rivaled by the last one on the list. The mine coaster often has a weight time of ninety minutes or more with a long queue to help with overcrowding; because of this, a fast-pass is recommended but needed if you want to ride this attraction on many occasions.

Peter Pans Flight

The fact is that I wasn't kidding when I said that this tied for the longest wait time in the magic kingdom. With a weight time that can sometimes exceed hours during peak season. Because of this, a fast pass might be the only way for you to get on this ride. Be quick, though, as even the fast pass for this attraction will disappear quickly.

Hollywood Studios

There is four attraction that is worth the fast-pass in Hollywood studios.

Tower of Terror

The terror tower is a spooky thrill ride where you ride an Erie elevator through a haunted hotel. The ride has fast drops and a really good story, so it is often busy during the day.

Millennium falcon smugglers run.

While you might not be able to fast-pass rise of the resistance, you can fast-pass the Millennium Falcon Smugglers run. This is a really fun attraction where you get to pilot the millennium faction on a job.

Mickey and Minnies runaway railway

Mickey and Minnie's runaway railway just opened up in a time when we don't have fast-pass for the parks. Having said that, when fast-pass comes back, I get the feeling that it will be on this ride due to the popularity that it has received. In the ride, you follow Mickey and Minnie as they attempt to have a picnic with hilarious results.

Slinky dog dash

Slinky dog dash is one of the more popular rollercoasters right now as it is good for families and is based on a toy story. Because of this, it is important to grab a fast-pass for the attraction when you can as it gets up to an hour wait very quickly.


Epcot only has three rides that I would have to fast-pass, and all three are in the same category. So read through below and see which one you would like to do.


Soarin is a glider attraction where you fly over famous world monuments displayed on a giant dome screen. The attraction is truly impressive and is always popular year-round.

Test track

Test track sees your digital design of your vehicle and then get in one of the attraction's test vehicles. From there, you go through a set of thrilling automotive tests culminating in a run around a speed loop where you reach 65 miles per hour. After the Tests, you can see how well your digital car did on each of the tests.

Frozen Ever After

This attraction sees you board a boat and sail through the story of frozen. This ride follows the original maelstrom track, so it can be a little exciting at times, and some cool animatronics are used on the ride.

Animal Kingdom

Much like with Epcot, there are a limited number of attractions that you should use your fast pass on. Here are my top four.

Flight of passage

In the world of pandora, you can fly over the magnificent world by taking to the back of a banshee. This ride is so popular that wait times are often two hours or more, and fast passes tend to sell out fast.

Kilimanjaro safaris

In this attraction, you can take a tour around Disney's own Savanah and see many animals. It is one of the rides that I think you have to do if you're visiting the animal kingdom for the first time.

Expedition Everest

Want to take an expedition to the top of the world's tallest mountains, then hop on this Disney coaster? Watch out for the yeti, though. This is the closest Disney has ever come to a full-on roller coaster next to Rock'n'Roller coaster, and it is always busy with thrill-seekers.

Navi River journey

This is a new version of Disney dark rides with fantastic effects and great technology. It is one of the coolest rides in the parks now. It just really isn't worth a two-hour weight, so if you are going to do this, get a fast-pass for it.

I hope that this article helped you understand fast-pass and choose which rides you wanted to try. If you need more theme park planning advice, feel free to look around the site, we have an article on everything from the parks to what hotel you should stay at. Until next time have fun at the parks.

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