Why You Should Go To Walt Disney World For Christmas?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Christmas at Walt Disney World is an exceptionally magical time of year for the happiest place on earth. One of my favorite times of the year at Disney is Christmas time, and I figured that it would help many people know why I think this is such a great time to visit.

Why should you visit WDW at Christmas time? There are several seasonal events at Disney that enhance guests' experience, such as the decoration of the parks. There are also seasonal entertainment options and limited dining that you can't get any other time of the year.

There are many things to do at Disney for the holiday season, ranging from hard ticket event to Christmas tree trails and so much more. Do you want to attend a Christmas party throw by mickey mouse and his pals? Do you love to eat holiday food for the merry season? Do you just like to be surrounded by the feelings of the season with decorations and lights? There is something for you to do at Walt Disney World for the holiday season, no matter how you love to celebrate.

Special ticketed Christmas Events

There are a few specially ticketed events that you can find at the Walt Disney World resort for the holiday season under normal circumstances. These are spread out between both the Magic Kingdom and EpcoCt, respectively, and vary wildly in tone and style. Both of these are good events they are just aimed at different audiences, but I also think that many people will like both.

Mickey's very merry Christmas party.

Mickey's very merry Christmas party is a hard ticketed event that usually runs from seven in the afternoon to midnight. Because it is a hard ticket event, the only ones in the park are the other party guests. The party itself has several events that are big draws for those who go, including a special parade that you normally can't see during the day and free holiday-themed cookies. This event also has specialty characters and even special fireworks show over the castle. It is easy to see why Mickey's very merry Christmas party is so people with Disney fans because of what the party offers.

Candle Light Vigil

The Candle Light Vigil held in the American Pavillon of Epcot world showcase is different even from the very merry Christmas party. It is the tail of the first Christmas and the story of Jesus's birth. The story is read aloud by a celebrity narrator who changes based on the night. A full choir also joins the celebrity for accompaniment, which adds to the reading's subtle and engaging atmosphere. While many people enjoy this shoe, it is a subtler form of entertainment than the Christmas party.

I do have to say that after 2020 these events will undoubtedly be different and adjusted for the new requirements in Disney world. I can't say what these will be yet, but if I had to guess, I would say that they will lower the capacity of these events and alter certain things like show viewings. In the end, I am sure Disney will come up with an entertaining solution.

Decoration all around WDW Property

When it comes to all of the times that Disney decorates for a seasonal event, Christmas is by far and away from the one, it seems to go all out for. There are decorations for the holidays in each of the four main theme parks, Disney Springs, and the resort hotels. With each place in Disney world getting its own specific theming from the ornaments being used to the trees placed everywhere. So as you can imagine, there is a lot to go over here, but for right now, I will just be going over the basics of each of the theme parks and Disney Springs.

The magic kingdom has many classic Christmas theming when you first get into main street USA, right down to some of the lights being made to look like candles. Each land has individual theming, so the wreath In adventure land will have adventure land themed items, while the garland over in tomorrow land will be silver and chrome. This theming is carried around the park in total, so each land will be different when you get there and then proceed to the next.

Epcot is a unique mix because there are two distinct sections of the park. The first is the future world, where everything has a futuristic or sci-fi design to it. The second is the world showcase, where the decorations take on the form of the pavilion that they are in. UK decorations are different than decorations in China, for instance. This distinctive celebration style leaves Epcot in a unique position that some of the other parks.

Hollywood Studious is almost all decorated in the forties and fifties style as most of the park is based around that. Toy story land gets unique theming with huge Christmas ornaments and the characters even holding a strand of lights over slinky dog dash. I do not believe that galaxy's edge has any holiday decorations, but I believe that they released plans that said that it could celebrate life day(if you don't get that, ask the star wars fan in your family, and they will).

That leaves us with the animal kingdom as the last park. Like animal kingdom, but in my opinion, it had up until recently the weakest decorations of all the parks. That was until last year when they added light-up animal displays and many more decorations to celebrate the holiday festivities. A lot more wreaths, garlands, and ornaments were added to the park to increase the yuletide joy. This park still has the least theming of all of the parks but it now a lot of fun to go to during the holidays.

Disney Springs is another fun area to visit for the holidays because of the theming that it gets. Each store or restaurant at springs will have its own theming, so there is a lot to see when you come here for the holidays. One of my favorite decorations here is the fishing bobber snowmen you can find outside of the boathouse. I also like the giant ornaments that you will find near the lime garage, combined with the Christmas music they play in the background. It just makes everything feel so festive.

Holiday foods at Disney world

There are more than a few special holiday offerings that can be found at Walt Disney World during Christmas time. From cookies in the magic kingdom to specialty drinks that are served at Disney springs. These will just be a few that I recommend based on some experience, which looks good on the menus this year. You should check out some of our other articles and videos to better understand what the experiences at these locations will be like.

First off, there are free cookies when you attend the Mickeys Very Merry Christmas party. These cookies tend to vary between things like chocolate chip, gingerbread, and snickerdoodle. These are okay cookies. They are good for the night and the first few days after you get them, but they go stale fast, so be sure to eat them quickly.

At the Main Street Confectionary, you can find many tasty treats on display, but there are a few special ones for the holiday season. All of the holiday cupcakes that we tried were good. In my opinion, the best item was the marshmallow wand that was dipped in chocolate and then sprinkled with peppermint.

Other places other specialty offerings as well but one that you should consider stopping by is Disney springs. Here you can get a variety of special holiday fare that ranges from food to drinks. One of the best sets of holiday drinks that you could get over in the Christmas tree trail. These were a frozen hot chocolate with Rumchata and Eggnog with Bailys. These were an excellent way to cap off an excellent night at Disney springs.

I hope that this article helped you figure out why you should go to Walt Disney World for Christmas. Suppose you want more advice on planning a Disney vacation than have a look around the site. We have articles on everything from parks to restaurants and everything in between.

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