Wine Bar George Reopens in Disney Springs

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Wine Bar George has reopened with the majority of locations in Disney Springs. Finally, we can start to get a little Disney back in our lives, especially since the reopening date for the parks is still a month into the future.

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Looking for a great place to eat in Disney Springs, We decided to try Wine Bar George. Located in the center of Disney Springs and across from Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, Wine Bar George offers up some fantasy appetizers and a fantastic wine list. Based on the location’s name, they have a never-ending supply of wines from all over the world. From Merlot to Chardonnay to Cabernet, you will find a fantastic assortment and the right choice for you.

We were promptly greeted at the entrance of this Disney Springs Restaurant by an amiable and upbeat hostess. She was glad to back at work. She informed us that menus are now provided by a QSR tag so that you can view the menu on the phone. Please confirm that you have the app on your phone to do this as we didn’t. They did provide 1-time use menus for us.

Traveling through the first floor of the restaurant, by the beautiful bar with crystal glasses hanging, we moved to the 2nd floor. Here, tables were spaced appropriately in the three indoor areas. Also, there is an outside patio on the 2nd floor—only 4 or 5 tables, but still, a beautiful place to sit and overlook the happenings. The roof covers this area so you can also sit outside during the rain, as long as there is no strong crosswind. Still, worth the chance.

However, we chose to sit inside. It is a stunning location with lots of wood and beams—a relaxing atmosphere with the only drawback being the acoustics of the room. We have a loud party in the corner and sound travels, so beware.

Once seated, our waiter promptly took drink orders and discussed wines and appetizers. He knew the menus, and this helped make the experience all the better. We chose to get two mixed cocktails. The first was the Monks Estate, which is Appleton Estate Rum, Green Chartreuse, and Lime. This drink was a sour citrus drink. Strong to the sip, it was delightful. The next drink was the Citrus Drop of Life, and this was the favorite of the table. It uses Gordon Gin, Italicus Rosolio, Boudier Pamplemousse Rose, and Lemon. Very citrusy and strong.

Now with the drinks underway, we moved to food. We picked four different appetizers, or as they call them,” small plates”. First up, we started with the meatballs with red sauce on a bed of triple cheese polenta. The meatballs were delicious. Three came on the plate, so we had plenty for all to try. The polenta was cheese and smooth. Perfect.

Next up, the Chicken Skewers with Asian Slaw. Again, Three on the plate. These were grilled to perfection. Charred but still moist. Good flavor but could have had a little more kick. The Asian Slaw was delicious, however not enough to satisfy. As with most places, they all seem to skimp when it comes to slaw of any type. I’m not sure why cabbage is cheap. As stated, they were good but not sure if I would get them again.

Now the next choice was the table favorite. The Mac and Cheese Bites. Deep-fried little balls of flavor. The mac inside is a baked mac & cheese with lots of flavors. Couple those flavors with the deep-fried breading, we could have eaten these all night. Four on a plate also made these a good value. These are a must to try. These balls even converted over a non-mac and cheese lover. Yum.

Finally, we went all out and got the Big Board, a combination of Wine Bar George’s Cheese Board and their Charcuterie Board. This large board contained four types of meats, five types of cheese, jam, honey, almonds, olives, pickles, and pate’. Indeed an excellent selection. Meat and cheese choices were delicious. Crackers and toasted bread accompanied this appetizer. While very pricey, it was flavorful and filling. This item is one we wouldn’t purchase again, just too pricey, no matter how large.

All of these appetizers were served fresh and hot. You could tell they cooked everything to order. Also, the servers were very knowledgeable about every item. This includes the board as the server had to give a 5-minute dissertation on all of the components. My hat is off to him. He nailed it first try.

The waiter took the time to pace the drinks and appetizers out properly. We never felt rushed, and the overall experience was relaxing and enjoyable. He was both efficient and relaxed, which enhanced our overall experience. Since this was our first visit to Wine Bar George, we weren’t what to expect from this Disney Springs Restaurant. We were not disappointed with the overall service and food taste and quality.

Being a Disney Springs Restaurant, they also are on the Disney app and except the Disney Dining Plan. You can book a reservation on the Disney App under Disney Springs Restaurant or their app. You can search for Wine Bar George. Also, they take discounts such as castmember and annual pass holder. Every little bit helps.

Overall, we liked our experience at this great Disney Springs Restaurant. Food quality and the level of service were both very high and enjoyable. The evening was relaxing, except for the acoustics of the room. Drinks were perfect, and the Merlot was very enjoyable. Knowledge of the wines is a particular plus here. There are not many Disney Restaurants that cater to the wine lover. However, Wine Bar George is one that does.

The only drawback that we found was the overall price for the evening. While everything was good, it was not cheap, and the evening for a party of three with three drinks, four appetizers ran us over $130.00. For comparison, That’s in the neighborhood of a diner for three at the Boathouse. We still do recommend the experience. We much enjoyed our evening and will be going back to this beautiful Disney Springs Restaurant.

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